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Thread: Self reliance question

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    Self reliance question

    I have been trying to cultivate less of a reliance on other people in spiritual matters. I want more so to rely on my experiences and intuition--but there is a problem: negs. these things spread deception and falsities and make it hard to make spiritual realizations, and in addition to these things, there may have been a lifetime in which i was deceptive myself--one effecting me for the last several years, possibly.
    I'm working hard to clear the negs, but i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for developing self reliance, or, "the path of the master" in hostile enviorments.
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    Re: Self reliance question

    Hi Josh,

    What are your experiences? Your intuitional reports?

    All before, "but there is a problem..."...

    While one quandrily sits deliberating who/what one's enemies entrenchedly are, every a good natured friend passed them on by.

    Where your feet are ... You are! My My...


    You're not going to find Your's somewhere else beyond your present grasp of reach, a coveting any "idea" beyond yourself standing as you are right now.

    For example: Because of the way our co-world in Truth presently Lies, to be sure ... "the path of the master(s)" is becoming and will be impassable for the sever-ally heads a rollin there-pon. So...counting lucky stars and all...Peace is our/the only presently revealing spirited unction.

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    And make "it" Mine'D...

    TruAntlY speaking, perfect enough attendance ABstractedly affords any a one a C+....

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    "I can tell you,when people cling to bitterness,there is nothing you can do about it,because it's how they define their power.If he [they] can learn to get power from joy, good-" ~ CFTraveler

    "Kundalini is known by many names through different cultures, including The Cosmic Christ.
    I think there is only one mechanism built into all humans, but it has been given many names and interpretations." ~ Robert Bruce

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