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Thread: Copy: Distance From Body When OOBE

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    Copy: Distance From Body When OOBE

    I'm re-reading Astral Dynamics and I have a question about the "Real-Time Zone."
    "They are free to travel at will anywhere in the physical universe, at any speed, and can defy gravity. They can move through solid matter at will, although they may perceive some texture and varying degrees of resistance."

    However, when I astral project, I'm only able to explore my small house, with the exception of my bedroom. If I stay too long in my bedroom I get pulled back into my body.
    So once I project I have to immediately "go." I have to travel out of my bedroom. When I wake up the vividness of the experience is strong and it's clear I had an OOBE.
    However, if I go outside my house, the vividness of the experiences decreases to the point I could have just imagined everything. It's more of a dream.

    I was wondering if this is common for other people?
    The farther you go from your body the experiences becomes less vivid and more of the imagination?

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    Re: Copy: Distance From Body When OOBE

    Yes, it is common. Consider that your energy body corresponds to the environment you're exploring. The more you go out and explore the real time zone, the more you reinforce the realtime body. Pretty soon you start having more 'astral plane' experiences. Energy work obviously strengthens your energy body, and repeated exploration of where you are develops it to fulfill all of its functions- observation, navigation, communication and problem-solving. So instead of trying to force your way 'up' or 'out' (depending on how you see the process), get the most of where you are.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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