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Thread: Trial Participation Opportunity.

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    Trial Participation Opportunity.

    Dr. Alexander De Foe, ( Clinical Neuro philophisor ) based in Melbourne Australia is inviting anyone with a genuine interest in his research topic and who would like to take part in a free trial who is able to attend the address given below to contact him .

    (ps. If anyone does manage to attend it would be nice to have some feed back)

    Dear friends,

    Recently I've been exploring a new technology to facilitate a radical transformation in neurological and cognitive function. In this e-mail I'd like to introduce the new approach and to also offer a first block of up to 10 sessions free of charge for those of you who are interested in trialing it out for yourself (and/or feel free to pass on the booking link to your friends/associates who may be based in SE Melbourne and interested). Please circulate to all who might be interested ...

    What is TMS? In the past decade the FDA (in the US) approved a treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for therapeutic use. TMS has traditionally been used to diagnose and benchmark neural dysfunction, but recent studies, somewhat unexpectedly have demonstrated very strong effects in terms of treatment outcomes -- these have shown higher clinical significance than conventional treatment for conditions such as ADHD and depression, for instance.

    TMS either temporarily disrupts or focuses neural activity in a given brain region, depending on the polarisation and configuration of signals. With surface-level TMS, the magnetic signal is much safer than electrical stimulation and does not produce detrimental effects at the biological level. Further, signals penetrate no deeper than 3 cm within the scull, meaning that no major brain areas are effected directly, and positive effects are seen due to stimulation that propagates via surface-level neural networks.

    The psycho-spiritual link:

    As you know, my own interest is in helping people broaden their state of consciousness. Research into meditation, mindfulness, and entheogens has shown a consistent indication (across all 3) that certain brain regions become less active whilst others increase in activity across these modalities.

    Some of you may have heard of Professor Michael Persinger's invention -- the "God Helmet", which produces intense spiritual states and transformations within minutes of use -- this technology is TMS-based. And, interestingly, Dr Todd Murphy (Persinger's lead research student) has applied the use of TMS to produce focused states centred on improving meditation, expansion of self-consciousness, and even health-driven outcomes such as mood transformation.

    Neural correlates related to meditation and DMT-use can be mapped using TMS with little effort, in which load on the frontal lobes is reduced, creating the mental space for deep spiritual contemplation and transformation. Yet, practising meditation alone for these effects can take years of diligent practice to accomplish for even advanced meditation practitioners.

    I've been following Dr Murphy's work for some time now. His 'spiritual brain' hypothesis provides compelling evidence that what we may see in some of the most enlightened individuals throughout history (for example Murphy cites the deep spiritual experiences of Gautama Buddha) are NOT due to some magical gift or propensity for meditation, but rather can be credited to underlying neural mechanism -- specifically, neural networks that are primed for inner work.

    The implications of this cannot be understated -- they directly imply that spiritual progress and transformative states can be facilitated by re-organising and priming certain neural networks in the brain, rather than via diligently following a spiritual teaching or personal growth technique (alone).

    Neural Resonance Entrainment -- Available from 15th Jul 2018:

    The catch is though, simply applying TMS will either disrupt or prime certain neural networks, optimising them for transformation. But TMS in itself won't cause that transformation -- this is where meditation and other therapeutic tools come in to complement.

    As of Jul 15, I have registered a new therapeutic modality titled Neural Resonance EntrainmentTM (trademark registration pending; IICT practice accreditation pending). The approach applies a 3-tier model incorporating TMS: (a) Psychometric Assessment, (b) TMS application, (c) Cognitive Framing.

    So far I have developed 2 sessions (many more to come) focused around (1) psycho-spiritual work -- producing inner connection to the unconscious, healing, astral projection states etc., and (2) mood enhancement and inner balance. The first mode focuses on harmonising and distributing neural activity in the frontal lobes, whilst the latter focuses on increasing activity and lead-on communication between the amygdala and frontal lobe regions. Both approaches follow with a set of Cognitive Framing to integrate more permanent effects (e.g., focused Meditation/mindfulness and emotional focusing techniques).

    10 Free Sessions in Pakenham, Melbourne

    The best way to learn more about this new approach to TMS is to experience it for yourself, as there is only so much that can be conveyed theoretically.

    I will be running the free sessions next Wed for those who are interested in taking part.

    Thank you!

    Address/location of the sessions will be:

    U 4 16-20 Honeysuckle Close, Pakenham, 3810

    Dr Alexander De Foe, PhD (psych), MACA (clinical)
    Clinical Neurophilosopher
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    Re: Trial Participation Opportunity.

    Alex is an old friend of the forum- I published my manifestation journal way back in 2011 in a page he ran. I see his work from time to time in the interwebz. I'm glad he's made it in the field.
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