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Thread: Status of Kundalini as a "Goddess"

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    Status of Kundalini as a "Goddess"

    Could someone please more in the know , shed some light on this for me please : I understand that Kundalini is a complete system of activating the chakras , get a complete energetic work-out develop the energy body.

    But is she certified as a Goddess with Statues and Temples left in antiquity solely for her devotion and her worship?
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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    Re: Status of Kundalini as a "Goddess" says "Goddess" can be surrendered to any kundalini issues making the whole experience very powerful grounded and safe.
    Also I have heard of the expression "mother" used for kundalini. lord kundalini too. basically i think you can intend whatever neutral absolute belief/deity you like to.

    It DOES help not to do it all alone. objectifies in some way a lot of stuff that could be subjective and confusing.

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    Re: Status of Kundalini as a "Goddess"

    well i asked for mother (kundalini) to come know me tonight, found myself understanding all sorts of serpent factoids and states. definately a goddess reality for me at the moment which is nice, having been exposed so much to the silly old christian god voice in recent years.

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