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Thread: William Buhlman Conscious OBE

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    William Buhlman Conscious OBE

    Hi guys
    I am wondering what is your opinion on William Buhlman. Including his books and techniques on OBEs.
    He is the author of two great books on OBE’s such as Adventures beyond the body and Secret of the soul.
    He reports originally being a sceptic of OBE’s. Then he practiced a technique, nightly for three weeks and was able to OBE at will.

    The technique he uses is visualisation. In your mind you imagine a favourite place, such as a holiday house or a house where you grew up. You just imagine yourself walking through the place you selected, visualising in detail all the rooms and objects you come across. Also interacting with people you encounter.
    Apparently you only have to practice this technique nightly for a month until you are able to OBE on will.
    I am wondering if you guys have heard of this and what is your opinion on this technique.

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    Re: William Buhlman Conscious OBE

    Hi Mandalor,
    I've read 3 of his books a while back and couldnt put them down, and he is well known for his work in this field. I believe he still holds workshops at the Munroe Institute founded by another pioneer in OBE methods the late Robert Munroe.

    I have never consciously tried this method simply because I discovered Robert's method before reading William's books.
    However I would not doubt for a second the method. Well worth trying.

    Visualising the chosen area is good practice for the brow and of cousrse the longer you spend on this the more your body should slowly be relaxing and slowly every muscle will be totally relaxed but the mind still aware. These are perfect conditions to be practicing.
    My only shudder is when I hear anyone putting a timescale on this. I've noticed that some will be expecting a result in the time frame given and if it doesnt happen they think they are doing something wrong when in fact all they need is practice and patience.
    I hope you come back here and report any success if you try this method. Would be interested to hear.
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    Re: William Buhlman Conscious OBE

    I bought his book "adventures" back in 2009 where he described the techniques. A few days later I had the first 'effects'. A few weeks later I had the first conscious OBE into my sleeping room.

    I will always be grateful to him. It worked for me and I know also for quite a few other people (from forums).

    Give it a try but do not expect a success too soon. Be patient.
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    Re: William Buhlman Conscious OBE

    I enjoy his work. I hope he's ok.
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    Re: William Buhlman Conscious OBE

    "Adventures" was the book that first put me on this path.
    I've used the technique described above,, relatively successfully, a few times. I've no doubt if someone was to keep at it persistently, it'd be a reliable one.
    Thanks for reminding me. I'm gonna give it a try again..
    I usually visualise myself floating outside my childhood home, just outside my old bedroom window.
    This was the starting point of all of my childhood OBEs, so it seemed logical to attempt to start there...
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    Re: William Buhlman Conscious OBE

    Buhlman is the book that started me on the path, too. I'm pretty sure it ended up in my hands on accident. I don't even remember how, but I've been obsessed ever since!

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