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Thread: About Austin Osman Spare's case

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    About Austin Osman Spare's case

    If this topic is out of site, CF, you are allowed to relocate it.

    Following video is about Austin Osman Spare's case.

    I understand many of you are not spanish language proficient but this is a very interesting case of automatic art (driven from subconcious mind or through channeling external entities), but, for those like C. may be they could append to this first post (at this thread) their explanations or references to another similar cases.

    At intro of this video (first 8 seconds) a phrase from Austin Osman Spare reads:

    "En cuanto deseamos algo, lo perdemos totalmente; "somos" lo que deseamos, por tanto nunca lo obtenemos. Desea nada, y nada habrá que no puedas realizar"

    Using this means:

    "As soon as we want something, we lose it completely; "we are" what we want, therefore we never obtain it. You want nothing, and there will be nothing you can not do"

    This remembers to me, sequels of meditation. Specially "Void Meditation", about this subject Robert Bruce talks to us.

    At following link you can access to another videos/texts about Austin Osman Spare, in english.

    NOTE: This case remembers to me, the Edgar Cayce's case. (¿Whats you opinion, Coralie?)

    My best regards
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    Re: About Austin Osman Spare's case

    "SIGILIZATION" Method about YouTuber talks (from marktime 4:54 to 6:45), referring to Austin Osman Spare's techniques, remember to me, contents of "The 72 Names of God: Technology for the Soul" book.

    Unfortunately, this forum capabilities don't allow append files (neither pdf´s nor doc´s), but I´ve encountered many links to discharge it from the web.

    My best regards,

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