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Thread: What is your opinion on "Solar Bodies"?

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    Question What is your opinion on "Solar Bodies"?

    Hello Robert, I have been studying Gnosis/Alchemy recently and have come across talk of what are called "solar bodies". Here is a small quote describing them:

    "The solar bodies are sacred vehicles that the initiate must construct in order to ascend into the superior worlds. They include the physical, vital, astral, mental, and causal bodies that are created through the beginning stages of sexual Alchemy (Tantra) and that provide a basis for existence in their corresponding levels of nature, just as the physical body does in the physical world. These bodies or vehicles are superior due to being created out of solar (or Christic) energy, as opposed to the inferior, lunar bodies we receive from nature. They are also known as the Wedding Garment (Christianity), the Merkabah (Kabbalah), To Soma Heliakon (Greek), and Sahu (Egyptian)."

    They say you must create them using trantra/sex magick, and that is the only way they can be created (IE sexual transmutation).

    I'd just like to ask if this fits with your experiences. Does it make any sense to you that we have solar bodies that must be created through white tantra? Does that seem accurate to you?

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    Re: What is your opinion on "Solar Bodies"?

    What they are talking about is the creation of the Merkabah 'light ship'. This is created automatically if you can master the practices, which are generally complex and difficult that even those that teach and write about it cannot actually do it. I give a simplified technique that does work, called 'Two Tubes' that can be used to generate the 'light ship'. This is a vehicle that forms around the astral body that allows for extended OBE with good recall, and the ability to travel in time and space at will.

    While tantra may be an interesting way to approach this, I cannot see how it could succeed.

    You must consider the 'bias' of writers, as bias creates filters that color information according to the beliefs of a person.

    See my books for the Two Tubes method, Astral Dynamics, and, Energy Work...and my video course, Raising Kundalini.

    peace, robert

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    Re: What is your opinion on "Solar Bodies"?


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    Re: What is your opinion on "Solar Bodies"?

    To add to what I have said;.....

    The term 'solar body' generally applies to the subtle body that will hold your spirit after physical death.

    The solar body is a strengthened version of the astral body that enables one to have OBE's.

    The practice of OBE will do this, creating and strengthening the solar body.


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