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    Hello Robert, I am a fan of your astral dynamics book, but I was very young when I discovered it and did not get involved as I should, so I am considering retake these directions. I think feel a big change in me this last time, I have become a naturist, I do not live the life of a normal person, substances, etc ... At first I thought it would not come to anything, but then I began to feel a purity in my Inside, the reason why I write to you, is because I need an impulse, a push... want to know that I am taking the right path while being clean of substances and I would like to know in what way I can get involved in meditation. My apologies for writing errors, I speak Spanish. Greetings and affection towards you.

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    Re: Meditation

    The instructions for meditation are in my book, Astral Dynamics.

    Or, just sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes and focus on feeling yourself breathing. That's all you need to do to meditate.

    Alternatively, join a meditation group, or do a Buddhist Vipassana.

    peace, robert

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