a metaphysical analytical treatise:

you are perfect:

you don't know until you realise
you don't realise that you are alone
when you are alone your life is perfect
the only thing that is not perfect is sin

sin is for "grace" + not "authority," if you know what you are doing...
the difference here is being alone or doing nothing

being alone vs doing nothing:

authority is being alone because it does not disagree
grace is doing nothing because it never was given the chance to agree

NOT being alone and NOT doing nothing:

sin is agreeing and disagreeing at the same time: i call that "insanity"
... and insanity accepts sanity because sanity "knows."

how is one supposed to sin/grace into knowing anyway --> i call that agreeing to disagree, or just "belief"
... and everybody believes in something.

in other words...
belief is sane and not unjust. [and you knew what a sin was already].