The lessons all learn are bound for good times, because to learn is intelligent and indeed worthy, as you know. Where does intelligence end up? In the place that it belongs... paradise, heaven, utopia. [intelligence goes up]

Wisdom is not the common understanding but a practical undertaking. The difference being, one must be uniquely themself to have a mind in the first place. Evidence is the the unique children see their parents (as kind) and the other ones don't bother. The practice - of wisdom itself - must entail knowledge of a beautiful journey, hence the elderly are fond, typically, of their own past. Once that understanding (beauty) is seeded the rest is just a matter of working with intelligent others to give and receive love. The wrong sort of wisdom is the undignifying kind, properly but not soundly selfish. [love others on a level]

Ultimtely wisdom is the real truth that a mind will be as happy as it abides, in God. All suppose that they do, somewhere along the way. Hence, consciousness of oneself and ways in others as well, makes it possible to "see through" the problems that plague everyone. Circumspect is fine, that way. [consciousness is not boredom]

When you realise who makes you tick - you - it no longer pays to create problems unconsciously but to solve them. The difference here is in the realisation of humanity. Wisdom respects that word (human) and idiots donot. After all, idiots are only there for Satan. [boredom becomes boredom]

All things works to call life a photosynthesis process, or at least a stable knowing, of the truth that love knows. Some people accept that, some people don't. Be the former. [conciousness become consciousness]

It is everone's choice to either wake up or fall asleep and forget all about God. [wake up]