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Thread: Healing ???

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    Healing ???

    Hi Gang,

    It's been a while since I wrote; so, here goes

    I had a supernatural experience or an abduction; I'm not sure what. About 3 years ago, I slipped in the kitchen and actually did a ballerina type split and almost bounced out my kitchen door and down the steps--the door frame stopped me. Well, the Drs. said I pulled all my lower back muscles and tendons and whatever the heck else is in there. It hurt so bad. Anyway, for the 3 yrs, sometimes the pain would almost make me want to cry--either at home or at work. Some days there would be a break in the pain and there's be none. That would last only a day or two. I took all kind of pills but that only helped a little, actually to the point where they were useless; so I stopped taking them. It was terrible, sometimes I couldn't move or I'd move like Frankenstein. All the while trying to keep up with work and the housework.

    Eight weeks ago, it will be 9 weeks this coming Thursday, I woke up to my alarm at 5:00 and my back was hurting. I said to myself, "Self, you may have to take off work today". So I resigned myself to stay in bed for another half an hour and see what happens. I guess I fell asleep, I don't know. The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by about 10 humanoid beings, but, could not make out their faces, kind of faceless. I was in a room, some medical type room, and the only thing in there was a Dentists' type of chair with its light; except the chair was about 5 times wider. They did not talk to me, but somehow, I knew they were going to stick a needle in my back. My back pain was so bad that all I could imagine was how bad it would be it they stuck that needle in it. I tried to escape but could not they would not touch me, but they would block me from escaping. Then all of a sudden they had human faces, but, I did not recognize any of them. Since I knew getting the needle was inevitable, I asked if they would drug me first and started tearing up because I knew it was going to hurt. The needle was a thin flexible black tube with Blood worm type teeth in its point. Well, I did not get any drug and they put me on the table, lying on my stomach, bare butt. I felt one of them touch a spot on my lumbar, where the pain was, that's where they inserted the needle. I did not feel a stick and there was no pain. I felt the needle twisting and snaking its way around my vertebrae. When it found its mark, it inserted a plasticy thing. After about a minute, they stood me up--I had no pain. I told them I was sorry for making such a fuss. (I was not afraid of them, but of the perceived pain the needle may have caused) I thanked them and they led me down a hallway to-------then I "woke" up in my bed. I was thinking--was this a dream? What happened?

    I got out of bed and knew something was strange. It took a while to realize I HAD NO PAIN. I could touch my toes, even more. Twist, work, bend and NO PAIN. I thank the beings often, I don't know who they are.

    At my last Dr. visit, he wanted me to get a MRI. I don't think I need the MRI, but dare not tell him what happened. He'll commit me.

    Anyway, that's what happened.


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    Re: Healing ??

    Good to hear from you again Grant.
    Just the fact that you had no pain after clinches it in my opinion. I have believed for a while now that we can be worked on in our unconscious state.
    A while back somewhere here on the forum a member felt she had been worked on. This had me recall a time when I woke up to recalling 3-4 people around me as I was lying down they were level to my body and they had inserted a fine thin plastic tube up my nose but other end of the tube floated upwards above me rather than down as a nasal gastric tube would have done.

    Also .....

    Quote Originally Posted by GRANT View Post
    Hi Gang,

    Then all of a sudden they had human faces, but, I did not recognize any of them.

    Could this have been to take the fear away so they could calm you to carry on?

    The time I was taken to what I perceived as a space station ( sure you were around the time I posted that) as I was floating down and saw these humanoid figured people all in white even covering their face I was getting frightened and at that exact moment one of them changed to a female head with shoulder length hair and it did the trick. I didnt feel frightened anymore.

    Saved you on Chiropractitioner"s fees.
    For ever I'll remember.
    Dreams are the doorways to the heavens.
    Look into your eyes and I see mine.
    She is part of your deepest thoughts.
    The destination is not the importance, but the journey. What we do here leads us to our destination.
    ( my soul. )

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    Re: Healing ???

    Wow ! ... what an interesting experience Grant

    Glad the beings were able to clear your pain, must be a welcome relief for you
    " the core of spirituality is to optimize your personal evolution" ~ Robert Bruce

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