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Thread: About logical organization of "Energy Work" book.

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    About logical organization of "Energy Work" book.

    ¡Hi, everyone!

    At Amazon, I´ve purchased "Energy Work" book (by Robert Bruce, Edition 2007) and after successfully put into practice first introductory exercises, I encountered a section titled "Practice" (at page 34), where its author depicts a procedure equivalent to that whose purpose is to reach trance state.

    It is known that trance serves as shortcut to enhance control of energy body.

    So, I wonder if such crucial procedure is misplaced at a book' illogical (or not suitable) section.

    Of course, may I be wrong and there is a good reason by wich Robert placed such exercise there and not at beginning of program.

    ¿What's your opinion?
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    Re: About logical organization of "Energy Work" book.

    I think that it was also a big mistake to exclude in the new version of Robert Bruce's book the old way of energy work, stimulation of joints on hands and legs (secondary chakras). I think everyone who wants to learn Robert's NEW should begin his practice from the old version of his book NEW and spend at least one month studying it because working in a small areas enormously help to develop the sense of tactile imaging which is the core of Robert's teaching.
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    Re: About logical organization of "Energy Work" book.

    The book is geared to supplement what you learned with NEW, which is free and available on the articles section of this site, and other places- I do believe that a trance practice does enhance all sensations, but if the purpose of the book is to teach you these techniques, the trance induction is something you don't have to do until you've actually learned the techniques themselves.
    I don't think there is an 'old' way and a 'new' way to do it- you learn it how it feels right for you (for example, I still prefer a 'sponge' instead of a blue ball) for prestimulating, and I prestimulate legs and arms before I do anything at all. It's just a progression of things you can do, nothing is substituted.
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