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Thread: Feeding off elements rather than food (sequel)

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    Feeding off elements rather than food (sequel)

    Dear Mr. Bruce

    Six years ago you answered an inquiry titled as this thread are.
    URL is

    ¿Has you already done some discovery about feasibility of such fascinating achievement?

    May be you know the case of Hira Ratan Manek and his solarhealing approach.
    ¿Is realistic HRM's method or more than simple sungazing his involved (if that's successful instead of fake)?

    My best regards and wishes.

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    Re: Feeding off elements rather than food (sequel)

    I am familiar with HRM's sun gazing methods.

    While interesting, this does not appear to give promised results.

    I had a dear friend, Peter, who did the sungazing for several years to help cure his cancer. He died of the cancer. But he had a wonderful time doing this.

    Fasting is something I have a lot of experience with.

    You hear stories of people living on light and not eating. But it is very rare for them to agree to medical testing. A simple blood test would reveal the truth.

    I have only heard of one case where an old mystic did not eat and agreed to testing.

    I have also heard that HRM has been caught eating many times.

    So what HRM says appears to be more fake than real.

    peace, robert

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