Hello, I would like to ask a question regarding a kundalini experience I had over a decade ago. It was a massive "event" that lasted over a year but at the height of it, while feeling all my chakras buzzing and tingling, while being twirled around by kriyas, a pure white ball of light manifested infront of me, about one meter away. It existed for only a second as it arced through the air, making a slight "ssss" sound as it moved, it hit a piece of paper on the desk and knocked it towards me, landing at my feet. The ball disapeared when it hit the paper. I picked up the paper and I was looking for singe marks on it as I imagined the ball of light would burn it, the paper had no marks on it however.

The light itself did not cast light on anything around it therefore it didn't cast shadows either. During that second of it's existence, while it made the "sss" sound as it moved, I felt a very small, needle sized buzzing in the bridge of my nose, the third eye. This makes me think that the light had something to do with my third eye.

When it happened I wasn't doing anything, just standing there enjoying the "infinity" within.

Therefore my question is this: What does the third eye have to do with manifestations of balls of light? Can you shed some light on the experience? Did I somehow do that myself?

Thank you