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Thread: Instrumental Transcommunication

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    Instrumental Transcommunication

    ¡Hello, Robert!

    A month ago I stumbled with an interesting article linked to a research line NDE (and ADL) related leaded by Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach.

    Most amazing discovery from this couple is a planet (in a parallel universe) named by him: Marduk.

    Marduk is arrival site of deceased beings, all sentient beings (in the full spectrum of conciousness); as I was able of to discern.

    This couple has developed a technique quoted by him as "INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMUNICATION" (with obvious purposes) and as far as I can search into the web, this research line has related articles
    from dates as early as 1996.

    ¿What´s your opinion about this?
    ¿Are, their claims, fake or truth?

    My best regards,

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    Re: Instrumental Transcommunication

    I would have to experience this to accept it.

    Arrival site for all sentient beings? That begs the questions 'how do you define a sentient being?' and 'What are all the other beings and where do they go?' according to that model.

    My hard personal experience with the deceased and afterlife is extensive. All living beings, animal as well as human, have a very similar afterlife experience. The human experience is more complex because we are long lived complex beings.

    I have observed the afterlife of many humans, but even more of animals, cats, dogs, horses, etc. These are all conscious sentient beings. But we humans do not officially recognize that, because that would make us feel guilty when we work them and eat them and etc.

    Human beings are animals. This is one of the great realizations. Get this and you can start understanding how things really work.

    peace, robert


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