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Thread: Do you put any value in mantras?

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    Question Do you put any value in mantras?

    Hello Robert, do you think there is any value in mantras such as "Om Madi Padme hum". It's said that certain sounds have certain effects and therefore a "phonetic equation" can be used to get specific effects such as invoking higher conciousness, eliminating ego and all kinds of thing even activating chakras. I know you say that mantras are vastly inferior to NEW for certain things, but do you put any stock in such mantras for other things? Do they have any real value?

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    Re: Do you put any value in mantras?

    I am no expert in mantras. I have tried them in the past, but did not get into the habit of using them myself. I know some people who get good results using them.

    Some research will help, as well as experimenting. You have to try things to see if they help.


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