1. a master doesn't have a problem with a master, and that's what makes him a man!
2. if you can't just be good, you're not good yet.
3. if you can see it you are it... loving.
4. the peace is the memory of humanity; war was always to forget all about that.
5. lead or follow... pain is neither, comfort is both... accordingly, faith is in all.
6. if you're going to do something formally you're going to do something objectively - hitler is not your honour yet!
7. the solution to pain, is of course, pleasure - if you want. otherwise...
8. if you ask me there's no such thing as god. then again, there's no such thing as me!
9. when you look in the mirror... do you see a face? face it, you must be interested in something!
10. call me immortal but honestly, what i am was never about to be that un-scientific...
11. who i am is about to be born - into the same damn reality. i call that, being eternal!
12. heavenly it must be, to recognise the virtue in all. yep! i'm not dead yet.