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Thread: Why Hell is not real

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    Why Hell is not real

    When people join the dark side it’s there mind joining not the true nature of the soul joining.
    The theory is all souls are divine in nature and belong to god of love
    The theory is people who join dark side there soul goes to heaven and the mind works for hell soulless beings after death
    The theory is that the soul never joins the dark side because there design to be divine in nature and always on the light side
    The boss demon in hell for example Saten would spawn minions they are soulless beings that’s the theory because the true creator manufactures real souls true creation or creator(god of love) prime creator
    The theory is demons in hell are like robots soulless beings
    The celestial reality is a illusion and that's what’s real is heaven that’s the theory and the lower realms are deeper into illusion of what’s not real comparing to the Illusion of the celestial dimensional matrix

    Love and light is what’s real and heaven is the closest thing that is real
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    Re: Why Hell is not real

    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Why Hell is not real

    The issues here are more complicated.
    There are many theories, and not all of them assert the souls / spirits are good and pure.
    One of those is that the human souls - incarnated in the Matrix - are demons (the fallen angels)
    By this paradigm, Earth is a "correction school", constructed for a long " rehab" period. Those fallen spirits that manage to clean themselves "get their wings back" - redemption.
    This paradigm is developed by a school of thought called Infoenergetics (at least this is the name in Europe). The adepts claim that the "snake" (Kundalini essence) is the one needing purification, and that is the reason so many people are...not good (or not good enough).

    Now, what can I say ? I"m not an adept of this theory, but it makes you wonder...
    Cogito, ergo sum.

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    Re: Why Hell is not real

    keep walking mondego

    Talking about the walking figure on you profile

    CFT thank you for your kindness
    If your my soulmate please contact me immediate-ly asap

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    Re: Why Hell is not real

    I would say that a "Soul" has a divine spark yes. The idiots running around causing trouble with their "names" are doing something different. I give Soul a capital S to exactify this. It's true, a real soul is never going to have to have an enemy other than ego. But it does help to have other souls around. Something that life can mean for anybody willing to choose into unconditional love.

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