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Thread: Scared to astral project!

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    Scared to astral project!

    I really want to astral project and fly and go through walls and create stuff but I'm scared of things like negative entities! Can someone help me overcome this fear? It would be very appreciated.

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    Re: Scared to astral project!

    You will have to do the 'work' (because it is work) for yourself. Only you can take the fear away from yourself after all is said and done.

    Remember that you are a strong multidimensional being and stronger than any supposed evil astral entity.

    Of course there are measures, but your mindset is the most imporant one. Anyway some measures for what it's worth:

    Try affirmations if they help you. Ask guides to protect or guide you while you are out. Use a Black Tourmaline stone at night if that is your thing (or any other protection stone).

    Also you might look at Mr. Buhlman's 'effective mindset' list:

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    Re: Scared to astral project!

    positivity overcomes all negative obstacles

    i do 2 hours of affirmations EFT just about everyday on average

    I have stopped watching tv(violence based) all the bad stuff that enters the subconscious part of self

    All the negative programming you recieved has to overpowered by positive affirmations all these years later

    May take many years to get good results

    I remember some part of me had to fear to astral project but not when converting a lucid dream into a out of body just conscious projections a part of me would draw back into me everytime
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    Re: Scared to astral project!

    Most of the time, the entities you encounter at the exit stage are not negative entities, but reflections of your fears- what is called 'dweller on the threshold', more to do with your own inner evolution, which involves getting rid of fear. In the 50 plus years of having projections, spontaneous and then induced, I have only encountered one or two 'truly' negative entities. I know it's not the same for others, but that's been my experience. I hope this helps with fear, fear is the real enemy here.
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