Intelligence is new thought.

People haven't got a reason not to think. And if they want to think of something that serves them, they will. Ultimately, it is for the individual to either obey or abide in truth, in the context of this. This means don't just sell your name. If you have one thought in your head it will get to Heaven anyway. Just selling your name, the joke is on you!

So, all who do not understand the concept of thought will proceed upon an easier tangent - the authority. Anybody - we mean anybody - who wants to aim higher than television and mainstream radio is called, chosen for the purpose that is God's . Not to be "easier than faith," but to be "realer than fear." This is who is announced, for the purposes of this message: You are not a problem species. The opportunities were announced today, yesterday and tomorrow as well.

Think of love and wonder, thank you. Angels.

divined by olyris