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    Seeing Without Eyes

    This may be the wrong section for this but interesting discussion with Tom Campbell about the kids who are trained very quickly to be able to see their surroundings and interact with it with their physical eyes blocked.
    He emphasises the importance of success being down to belief. When young we believe we can do things but as we get older we block the belief therefore can not.
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    Re: Seeing Without Eyes

    The original film has English subtitles, so it can be viewed here too. Just click on CC.

    This collector of useless clutter.

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    Re: Seeing Without Eyes

    A shot in the dark by a moth with a sense of adventure... [sleeping satellite by tasman archer]
    Indeed that's a human can do with/without all others.

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    Re: Seeing Without Eyes

    There is an Australian website, called Seeing Without Eyes. It says you can also grow a third set of teeth, and regrow organs, and increase your child's IQ. It says Dr. Katharina Friedrich gave lectures in Australia last February. The monetary price for the seminar on regrowing teeth was 250 Australian dollars. For two workshops on seeing without eyes it was 1,299 Australian dollars.

    A British TV show by Derren Brown, "The Men With X-ray Eyes", had a look at a school for teaching people to see without having to use their eyes, by "the Bronnikov method". The show makes him look like a con man, from watching it I think he looks like he is because of how he spoke.

    A man who goes by Frank Elaridi has put three videos about seeing without using your eyes on youtube. The first, published July 30th 2015, is about an Indian girl who says she sees with her third eye. She says she can easily find people who are hiding when playing hide and seek. She was initiated by His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam. You can go to him to awaken your third eye over the course of 21 days for 10,000 dollars (American?).

    The second, June 3rd 2016, is about some children in Essex, south-east England, who can see with their eyes covered, taught by a woman named Nicola Farmer. She says she teaches children between the ages 6 and 12, because then they aren't too old to be able to learn it. They say something about their third eye and illuminating things with their own energy. One exercise is holding your arm out and extending with your mind out to feel beyond your body.

    The third, 2018, is about a school for this in Utah, USA. They call it Vibravision®, and before receiving training people sign a non-disclosure agreement. They can avoid obstacles and throw bean-bags at coloured targets with their eyes covered. Here as well they may hold an arm out.

    I am highly interested in all actuality in learning how to do this. If this is possible, does anyone know how to learn this skill?
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