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Thread: Seeing Without Eyes

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    Seeing Without Eyes

    This may be the wrong section for this but interesting discussion with Tom Campbell about the kids who are trained very quickly to be able to see their surroundings and interact with it with their physical eyes blocked.
    He emphasises the importance of success being down to belief. When young we believe we can do things but as we get older we block the belief therefore can not.
    For ever I'll remember.
    Dreams are the doorways to the heavens.
    Look into your eyes and I see mine.
    She is part of your deepest thoughts.
    The destination is not the importance, but the journey. What we do here leads us to our destination.
    ( my soul. )

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    Re: Seeing Without Eyes

    The original film has English subtitles, so it can be viewed here too. Just click on CC.

    This collector of useless clutter.

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    Re: Seeing Without Eyes

    A shot in the dark by a moth with a sense of adventure... [sleeping satellite by tasman archer]
    Indeed that's a human can do with/without all others.

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