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    Seeing Without Eyes

    This may be the wrong section for this but interesting discussion with Tom Campbell about the kids who are trained very quickly to be able to see their surroundings and interact with it with their physical eyes blocked.
    He emphasises the importance of success being down to belief. When young we believe we can do things but as we get older we block the belief therefore can not.
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    Re: Seeing Without Eyes

    The original film has English subtitles, so it can be viewed here too. Just click on CC.

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    Re: Seeing Without Eyes

    A shot in the dark by a moth with a sense of adventure... [sleeping satellite by tasman archer]
    Indeed that's a human can do with/without all others.

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    There is an Australian website, called Seeing Without Eyes. It says you can also grow a third set of teeth, and regrow organs, and increase your child's IQ. It says Dr. Katharina Friedrich gave lectures in Australia last February. The monetary price for the seminar on regrowing teeth was 250 Australian dollars. For two workshops on seeing without eyes it was 1,299 Australian dollars.

    A British TV show by Derren Brown, "The Men With X-ray Eyes", had a look at a school for teaching people to see without having to use their eyes, by "the Bronnikov method". The show makes him look like a con man, from watching it I think he looks like he is because of how he spoke. PS actually maybe not necessarily?
    There's the rule that you have to make 20 posts to be allowed to post hyperlinks, and I've posted 20 posts now, so this part of this post that used to have descriptions is now redone with links to the videos themselves.

    Someone called Frank Elaridi has been traveling and recording people who seem to be able to see without their eyes.
    This Indian girl was initiated by His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam. You can go to him to awaken your third eye over the course of 21 days for 10,000 dollars (American?).
    This is about children being taught to see without using their eyes by a woman named Nicola Farmer. This website has her name on it: and also she has recordings of things here:
    This is about a school for this in Utah, USA. They call it Vibravision®, and before receiving training people sign a non-disclosure agreement. They can avoid obstacles and throw bean-bags at coloured targets with their eyes covered. Here as well they may hold an arm out.

    It looks like they don't want the secret of how they teach it to get out, and they charge a lot of money for this. I could guess that they charge a lot of money so that people feel really invested in it, and find it valuable, to improve success?
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    Re: Seeing Without Eyes

    Greetings, if I may be so bold as to ask, I've got some questions about seeing without eyes. The mind's eye, and clairvoyance.

    Re-reading the start of Robert Bruce's Energy Work book, it says that if you close your eyes and move your arms and see them, and eventually come to see a silver outline of your body progressing on to a very detailed image, you should see it as a mind's eye vision.

    It also says that seeing something with your mind's eye is clairvoyance.

    I am interested in knowing about the difference between imagining an image in your imaginary vision, which you can do with eyes shut, detached from where you actually are ; and imagining something visually in front of you, like a little person running around. Are both of those clairvoyance? In seeing your body with your mind's eye, are you meant to do a specific one of the two, or can it be either, or are those things actually the same, or are we meant to work that out (or something else)?

    Is this the same sort of vision as somehow learning to see infra-red, and being able to mistake this vision for normal vision, or is it a vision clearly apart from normal eye vision, or can it be either, or something else?

    I had forgotten to keep at trying to learn this, and I thought it would be worth asking about it here as I remember to start again.

    Yours sincerely

    PS I can try seeing my arm move as what could be mistaken for eye vision, but Robert Bruce says you see it as a mind's eye vision, so I'm not sure if I'm instead meant to try forming a mind's eye image of my arm, which is different, or if the thing that could be mistaken for eye vision is what is meant by this.
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    Re: Seeing Without Eyes

    I'm not sure if this will answer your question, but it may help to answer some part of it.
    Imagination is created by your mind, using information from your memory.
    Clairvoyance or 'seeing through the eyelids' is seeing something that is actually there, be it its energy or its physical presence.
    When I 'see through the eyelids' (I call it etheric vision) I am seeing the physical world around me or part of it. I'm not sure what with. Maybe my etheric body, maybe another perceptual organ.
    When I do Robert's exercise, I see a fuzzy representation of what's there. I'm not seeing it in my mind's eye, I'm seeing it with my eyes, and possibly with another perceptual organ.
    When I imagine I'm eating an orange, and imagine it, I'm seeing it in my mind's eye. The orange isn't there in front of me, it's an evoked memory which I then use to get a feeling.
    I hope this helps.
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    Re: Seeing Without Eyes

    I understand “minds eye” as to think of something, form the idea of, or envision.

    CFTraveler mentioned the example of eating an orange, but your eyes don’t need to be closed for that. You can do it with your minds eye.

    But you can also close your eyes and envision-in your mind’s eye, that you are eating an orange 🍊

    I wonder what it’s called if you envision something then see it with eyes closed? Practice?

    I think what Robert meant in that statement, is that you should understand you are using a form of clairvoyance. I think that you fully understand both contexts- as do I, and I also had this question. He’s probably saying it to people that don’t have clairvoyance yet as to encourage them body tactile imaging is possible even without eye sight. So if they don’t see an arm being raised, imagine it, and it will come 🤗

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    Re: Seeing Without Eyes

    Quote Originally Posted by sana
    I wonder what it’s called if you envision something then see it with eyes closed? Practice?
    Clairvoyance, or synesthesia.
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    Re: Seeing Without Eyes

    Oh I didn't check this thread for almost a month, thanks for the advice in all actuality.

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