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Thread: (Copy) How to counteract my subtle body (soul) abduction?

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    (Copy) How to counteract my subtle body (soul) abduction?

    How do you counteract a subtle body abduction, done by an Indrajala practicioner who used an Indra thoughtform; Jyestha thoughtform and a Kali thoughtform, through Vedic Astrology? I don't have kundalini awakening yet, but I am defending myself.

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    Re: How to counteract my subtle body (soul) abduction?

    My astral body has been abducted before. Probably wise to separate the spiritual from the physical if you can. The physical has a way to know better, too.

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    Re: How to counteract my subtle body (soul) abduction?

    You mean that your subtle body (soul) has been abducted before? It is about subtle body removal and than getting the subtle body there where they are attacking it with thoughtforms and/or with an energy stream that a trained occultist can generate. So it is done with Indrajala, because the uncle of my old nextdoor neighbour did it because of an astrological cycle in the constellation Scorpio between 21 Augusts 2014 and 24 August 2016, it ended with the devil's triangle in the air and that is Mars - Antares - Saturn and Antares is the planet of Indra. This is Vedic astrology and they are using Indra-; Jyestha- and Kali thoughtforms. With Indrajala you can hit someone from a distance without weapons and do mindcontrol/thoughtcontrol stuff! Kali can give thoughtforms that can become energy vampires (archontic parasites, wetiko virus), by putting spirits in them, and ultimately hyperdimensional vampires through Kali or Indra/Jyestha, just like Hecate can make tormenting/demonic spirits out of the spirits of the deceased. I think also that Kali is simillar or almost similar to Hecate! This happened before to Carissa Conti see book and in the Scandinavian MILAB case
    The mindcontrol is done by reading the thoughts in the mental body which is inside of the subtle body, that is how mentalists also do it. All magic is sorcery and witchcraft. But you can also protect yourself with the craft.

    If your astral body has been abducted before than your body was in a trance like state!

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    Re: How to counteract my subtle body (soul) abduction?

    Only you can win a game you didn't choose into.
    You alone can survive an attack you didn't feel.

    Do you know what I mean? For me, it's a bit like torture except it's uniquely mine / or not mine at all. Let's just face it, it's not mine at all. You?

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    Re: How to counteract my subtle body (soul) abduction?

    If you are having the experience of being abducted, there is an easy way to counteract them as they begin. If someone is telling you this is happening, then take it with a grain of salt.
    Go to the PSD section and read the countermeasures, specifically the 'rapido' technique plus mega salt baths.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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