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Thread: Copy: Kundalini after we die

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    Copy: Kundalini after we die

    After we die, what happens to the amazing changes to the energy body and chakras that Raising Kundalini produces?

    Do the benefits of having raised Kundalini persist after death? Do we even have chakras after death? or are chakras a part of the energy system that interacts with the physical body?

    After we die, is there any difference between a person who has raised Kundalini and some who has not? Is death the great equalizer?

    I look forward to your feedback.

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Kundalini after we die

    i am presently exploring that spirituality's soul objective is to create a dream body... by converting earth energy into own soul, with a "divine" product. dead dudes (according to my clairvoyance) only have "honour," not chakras... doesn't mean one can't beam up and be ascended *beyond* death.. if you ask me. death is pretty honest. there is a lot of love in it, when you get past the "i am wiser than you" games... to something more magical.

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    Re: Kundalini after we die

    Thanks for your detailed reply olyris. Sounds like chakras are indeed something that we have while we are bound to physical bodies, and not after we die.

    I wonder if that means Kundalini can't be raised after we die because we don't have chakras?, or can kundalini energy exist separately to chakras?

    I have never heard of creating a dream body. I am not sure what that is or how it would be used, but it does sound interesting.

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    Re: Kundalini after we die

    I just don't see the point. If we lose our etheric bodies after a few weeks/months after death, and are left with the astral bodies where we go to a bardo-type state, things like Kundalini and Chakras are meaningless- once we realize we create our environment we create it fully, without need of anything resembling 'flow' or 'energy'.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: Kundalini after we die

    I think you only keep your mind.

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    Re: Kundalini after we die

    I think the law inherits your soul and promises it that peace of all that loved it. I get lots of dead souls in my voices, they don't do much except "wisely" interpret their stance on (the name of) earth... in other words, I don't think there is anybody in them anymore.

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    Re: Copy: Kundalini after we die

    How long can an etheric body stay manifested
    silly rabbit , trix are for kids .

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    Re: Copy: Kundalini after we die

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkChylde View Post
    How long can an etheric body stay manifested
    Until it runs out of truth. The truth must be: "all were loving".

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    Re: Copy: Kundalini after we die

    after death there are different possibilities... during brahma day (sakala, saguna). In saiva siddhanta there are 3 states: kevala avastha (anava state, primordial slumber state), sakala avastha ( when the soul awakens from mahapralaya) and suddha avastha..
    During sakala period the soul have body, gunas, tattvas (36), kala (time), kalaaa (energy), bhuvans (worlds) and so on...
    28 hellish worlds (or more) under seven patalas (7 underground worlds) are being well as celestial planets and lokas...
    In dual philosophy of Madhwa there is an eternal hell (adha tamisra), where eternal demon of time sleeps...Demon Kali कलि, the lord of Kali yuga...
    During the evolution of time (game of dice in Mahabharata) lower worlds and the realm of eternal hell begin to penetrate the middle world (jambu), since the middle world is in a central position...

    At the time of death, memory and impressions recorded in budhi (mahat), and during bardo.....messengers of yama (mahakala) come for the soul....
    But you can slip away from the court using phowa, gilgul.....relocation methods....of course your memory and personality actually disappear...
    some remnants and habits can be transferred....this can be done many times during sakala...
    but in general....Oh..well....

    But hells and celestial planets, 14 lokas, brahmanda cocoon, were created for soul evolution during sakala avastha...when karmamala is active... In saiva siddhanta there 3 or 5 malas. Anavamala (root mala), mayamala and karmamala...
    In this school the most dangerous is not eternal hell, but primordial sleep (mahapralaya)... This is not sushupt (dream without dream)...

    During this night, karmamala and mayamala are inactive...Gunas also inactive....there is no kala, nor worlds, no hell....nor 36 tattvas...
    Anavamala (primal evil) only.... root mala in a primordial slumber state makes the soul forget God and all things...
    souls become like atoms....anu... .No karma there, no body there...nothing
    Only the soul and root mala alone...

    Our body in this school (saiva siddhanta) is created from mala... Mala not consciousness... In is acit, asat....From mayamala 36 tattvas are created, antahkaran - also asat....ego and memory does not play a big role....
    These mental bodies are not soul. These are soul tools.... but kundalini is cit, sat....

    Arul shakti illuminates the body when she rises and the wheels spin faster, primordial evil also awakens since our body created from mala, and mala is acit...
    anavamala is invisible....she doesn’t reveal herself....
    Therefore raising the kundalini is very dangerous.... if you do not dissolve all the bodies completely... (since the body is a resource through which root mala affect the soul.) may not kill you... but invisible darkness will cover the soul....

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