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Thread: Projected Double Paralysis and Energy Work

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    Projected Double Paralysis and Energy Work

    Hello Robert,

    you mentioned in your books, that energy work helps with clarity in dreams/astral projections and that it is required to project successfully.

    Like 80% of the time I successfully came out of body / into a lucid dream but then suddenly, I experience paralysis mostly my head, eyes or the whole body. I can’t move no matter how hard I try and a few moments later I am back in my real body. Is that a sign of lack of energy and does the energy work help with this issue ?

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    Re: Projected Double Paralysis and Energy Work

    When this happens, either you have run out of energy, or other aspects of you are projecting and sucking up all available energy, causing paralysis.

    Regular practice with some energy work will overcome this.

    It will also help if you speak commands to your higher self. 'Give me light' 'Give me movement' 'Give me motion' and affirmations like 'I can move easily and fluidly'

    I suspect this type of paralysis issue happens while the astral body is growing and developing. That's a good way to look at it. Give it time and pay it some attention and all will be well in time.


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