This prophecy is my life at this time. There were Teros and Deros - extra terrestrials with tech-savvy DNA. Sounds like Utopia itself, to me - past or future, I do not really know. It can be found that the theories in Utopia are friendly and universe ready, a real "shot at" human evolution. I believe that one can astral travel to the Hollow Earth, but not to Shamballa itself, one of the cities.

Currently the real world (The Original Earth) is only working through Islamic prophecy, a real struggle to be present. In the Utopian scenario, though, there is much more "breathing space" and thus the spiritualities are better. The question/problem of "what the hell are you!" is not played in Agartha. One is free to experience the reality as though fully self-determing, with the usual caveat. Your "Higher Self," not an outdated concept yet, knows this. Join in.