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Thread: A bit scientific (olyris neg' theory)

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    A bit scientific (olyris neg' theory)

    This is my theory on how to work through negs. You have to know better than them, because if they know better than you, you might not be liking what you do. Somebody trying to teach someone a lesson? Not quite, just their way of saying that you should be able to do everything you want.

    Negs can be described as fallen angels, "risen" demons, ugly past situations or even a failed species (self lost). The first thing that I would say is that you need a mind, to extract yourself from any such situation that people would not normally forgive. It is the undoing of misgiven activity that allows for time to heal things. When you think in obvious ways of better versions of the past, you promise yourself a bright future. The negative energy is released from these dark holes and fresh energy is promoted your version of life forever. Meditation will prove a mind sound in the end. It starts with emotions when you meditate, but gradually your mind will become human yet detached, about all of them. Next you know who your mind really is. Obviously, the mind is a good thing, in good people.

    Everybody, since religion, works on the theory that love is sound. It is going to be. First thing is not to hate negs. They take both anger and acceptance to be equally loving, which, strange as it may sound, is what they see in themselves and everything else too. Important, then, for yourself to know how to be equally "alone," such as not to be separating the self from what you think/feel to be God. That is a demon's secret, that they must know God. You, of course are probably doing that normally, insofar as that you can stand being alone, like they must be. You are no worse than them. The word, by the way, for anger and acceptance being love, is "knowing". The simple truth is you should know, in order not to oscillate between anger and acceptance yourself - like the demon will. Knowing also proves you a fearless life. Not all the time, but in those times when you might be to doubt things fear will be informative.

    With it established that you know love is sound (everybody does who gets this problem) the question from this perspective is how to handle the frustrations. I see it that negs only do two things. They are, seeking attention (enticing one to judge them) OR wasting time (expecting one not to judge them). The truth is there is no ultimatum, to or not to judge, and everyone knows it. Why are they doing this then? Because they take your attention as you give it love, and they take your time as you give it light, AND they are helpless not to give it back as indeed yours alone. I think heaven and hell were created this way. Hence the angels and the demons in the first place.

    Important it is to be clean, a simple reason being that clean is up, and unclean is down. Both choices presume themselves "just," but one of them works - clean. Wrong voices, negs, are always unclean and the clean ones, as you well know, are alright. At least for the time being. Your needs must be secured, because if you have any unmet needs in your life you will not be mentally equipped to exert force/power/knowledge properly. Poverty has an expressionless attitude/face, and that is because it doesn't have no life of its own, yet. People need that to be self-empowering. The help people give and get happens. Make your needs work. All demons forget their needs when they fail. Actually they only think they need God, but "no way," of course, the silent answer to them about that.

    I have found that the only risk one can take in this life is choice. Choice is about knowing what to do. It can be found also, that negs don't have the capacity to choose. Were they choosing or were you? That is how insane they are, but it works like this: When you choose, your angels and demons (if you "want") do that too, and hopefully all they really get done is the provide energy in that direction. The matter is to tidy up choices by meditation, knowing best, staying clean, not wasting the time of others yourself, and everything else you do that negs can't. Then and only then is the choice permanent.

    So basically, when one thinks out one's choices, one can take the spiritual half of the equation into their own hands, and not be the one to lose out. Spirituality does live for itself. Obviously bad things go to hell and good things won't. Hope this help.
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    Re: A bit scientific (olyris neg' theory)

    The first post describes how to formulate self out of all this chaos. Next is the eating of the snake's tail and thus returning to free will - which the mind never did abandon. Destroying things is a matter of judging yourself strong, in ways. As those negs have left your choice(s) immaculate, you are not going to need them. Because you trust that your life is your own - not so silly - it can grow obvious that you are more the master than the fool. Trust only that you are perfect, reality is perfect, strength is safe and sound. A weaking appears in those negs called your "opportunity for release" - and only you need to be there for the exaction of faith! It can take several attempts, however ultimately, truth > pain and it's inevitably going to be about who you always will be - not a damn moron. Have fun. olyris

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    Re: A bit scientific (olyris neg' theory)

    The righteous thought is patience, which has only one decision to make in its whole life: do or do I not, want everything I am. Rejected parts of the self are neg-aware and they in fact mimic them. Finding these things, somebody might never question who they were born to be. However, the dichotomy/ultimatum is there. "Yes" or "no way." If you find your negs/mimics believing in "no way," guess what - they have suffered. Thus, your soul has been the truth, fact of matter. And the rest, is up to you.
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    Re: A bit scientific (olyris neg' theory)

    When you suspend judgement in favour of proof the theory goes that you do not have a reason to believe in someone else. Demonic entities, curiously, at this time, begin to believe in you in particularly awkward ways. It might be said that their understanding is lying.

    - those lies are self destroying, basically
    - pretending to tolerate is going to lose the plot
    - neg has no selfish reason to do that

    Patience is a key virtue in its ability to think for itself. As a demon finds that it can no longer think for itself, the choice remains yours. And as they begin to falter and denigrate into stupid permanency... Hey presto - your choice is golden. olyris

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    Re: A bit scientific (olyris neg' theory)

    Negs have two expressions of fact:

    1. "I" will not be obedient
    2. "You" will not be proper

    Suffice to note that one is as proper as one is forgiving - and that means force, truth, reason are all valid until the very end.

    3. "We" will not be agreeing upon death.

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    Re: A bit scientific (olyris neg' theory)

    The key difference between sex and judgement is that sex happens first, then judgement happens last - I have taught a way to be positive...

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