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Thread: Timeline Events Control

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    Timeline Events Control

    At Ask Robert Bruce subforum a thread was initiated by mercedes (member) with following contents (answer from Robert is included)

    mercedes's ask:
    Hello, Robert,

    While it is true (is it?) that before we are born we programmed what our existence on Earth will be, it is possible that part of that programme includes evolving to incorporate knowledge tending to redefine our timeline, including in it critical events tending to achieve certain objectives that make our life less painful.

    Currently, my concern is to find honest and solvent customers to ensure the prosperity of my business and, mainly, PAY THE TAXES that the economy of my country imposes. Otherwise, I would not mind leading a humble existence, only concerned with having a roof over my head, clothes, health, food and education, for myself and my family.

    In other words, briefly, ¿what is the procedure for redefining our timeline so that certain events are within it?

    You may know the video entitled "The Science of Miracles" by Greg Braden. ¿Does the suggested procedure, through the case described from Time Stamp 32:02, fit the purpose I am pursuing? Concepts throughout the rest of the video are relevant, too.

    You can view the video I am referring to by following this link:

    ¿Is the development of the energy body (especially the aspect involving the cardiac chakra) advisable? ¿What would be the procedure to follow, involving energy movements?

    Thank you very much for your attention and guidance.

    Robert Bruce's answer:

    While this is a popular view, in my experience, we do not actually sit on a cloud and program a new life in the afterlife existence, between death and rebirth. This is handled automatically by the higher self, which is also known as God or Source, and many other names. A life may be structured to be less painful and more successful, as you suggest, but it may also be designed to be very painful. What happens depends upon what is most needed for growth, and pain is a great teacher. While pain can destroy people, it can also force them to evolve. These processes are common to all living things, humans and animals. Dreaming, astral projection, and the afterlife experience, are also common to all living things. If you think about it, how could it be any other way.....

    A life can be reprogrammed and or redirected, as you suggest. This is called Manifestation.... like in the video The Secret... to use affirmations, magic, and other methods, like the ones depicted in the video you provided, to take some measure of control over our lives.

    The heart chakra can be safely worked on provided all the other chakras are also worked upon, to provide balance. In my experience, too much work on any particular chakra can cause problems. The heart chakra, for example, if worked on too much can cause emotional problems, etc.

    My methods for doing this are in all of my books, and my online works. EG... with my book, Energy Work, being the most thorough.

    peace, robert

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    Re: Timeline Events Control

    According to Robert Bruce's teachings, regarding proficiency in the performance of one whose kundalini has been elevated, if the individual becomes something like a god, then it should be possible for him to choose the characteristics of the timeline in which he wishes to live. I don't think it is morally reprehensible, we are constantly making decisions that affect our lives and the lives of others. ¿Why not peacefully modify configuration of our environment?

    Robert has played with this idea in other threads of these forums, in relation to something he calls "realityshift" claiming to have done so many times. One might ask: "Did he do it at times when kundalini had been elevated?

    Anyway, a meditative state was involved in such purposes. And, given the need for robust altered states, for the elevation of Kundalini, purposes such as realityshift, must surely also require such a state of concentration.

    Finally, taking as a starting point Robert Bruce's vision that he who has elevated his kundalini virtually becomes indistinguishable from his higher self, then governing the development of his timeline would not be impossible.

    I would like to know Robert Bruce's opinion on the matter.
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    Re: Timeline Events Control

    Robert, once as for manifestation it's related, talk about such subject as follows:

    The law of attraction, universal law, manifestation, magic, Bee Following, are all related.

    Where your attention goes, your energy flows. This is a principal law. It can be applied to manifestation.

    Ritual, visualization, and energy, all play a part in manifesting things and energies into the physical realm.

    To manifest an object into your life, get a picture of the object and put it up somewhere where you will see it frequently. Visualize this coming into your life, as if you already had it.

    For a more indepth explantion, get a copy of The Secret.

    Go to I highly recommend this DVD!!! (some of the people from 'What the Bleep' are in this doco)

    An example of using manifestation and energy:

    A friend approached me several months ago, wanting help to sell her house. It had been up for sale for a year or two.

    I suggested the following:

    1. Tape a 'Sold' sign over the for sale sign in front of your home. Stand in front of this, smiling, and have someone take a picture. Make sure your house is also shown in pic.

    2. Get a new metal picture frame, something fancy and expensive. On the back of the picture, write in bold the price you want for the house, eg, $550,000.00

    3. Place picture in frame and place it somewhere where you will see it frequently in the day.

    4. Every time you look at the pic, imagine the house as already being sold at the price you want. As you do this, raise energy to your heart on the in breath, and on the outbreath breathe out through your arms and hands and into the picture, mentally saying the words 'sold, sold, sold'

    5. Whenever you think of your home or see the pic, think of it as being already sold.

    6. Start getting ready to move, packing and etc, as if house is already sold.

    When my friend did this, her house sold in less than four weeks for a lot more than she expected.

    Robert Bruce

    Inquirer was a member called PinkRose, and he asked Robert as follows:

    "I have read some material in the forums about manifestation, but just wondered what Robert Bruce's teachings on manifestation and creative visualisation and where these fit in with NEW. In terms of manifestation i mean those in the physical plane- ie bringing into your life circumstances or material objects that you have focused on/ desire. Where does energy work relate to this and creative visualisation?

    Ideas much appreciated."

    Previous quotes have source in a thread titled "Mansifestation" (there is a spelling error), whose URL is:

    I expect this serves mercedes's interests.

    Furthermore, I especulate about trying with using "Heart Center Healing Method". May be, such procedure would give more effectiveness to manifestation process.

    ¿What do you think about this ideas?


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