frequency: the rate at which you learn, key is insight
resonance: the way you relate to loved ones, key is choice
vibration: the knowledge you share with god, key is faith

in spirituality, everyone has a reason to be happy. if it seems to be sad, then it is. raising your energy to light and not harm, it becomes a clearer picture, one which knows what to do. the wisdom you have vs the struggle you face: one only needs his/her soul, to accept everything. so, FRV is a way of saying that "my soul is not the problem, my soul is the solution." this generates a purpose that is worthwhile. you DON'T have a reason to be bored - earth is literally littered with libraries, lifestyles and leftovers - there is a blissful reality for each and every other!

manifest any thought, just to be careful with the ego - it knows to tell/sell the truth, well just make that split clear to you.