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Thread: 3rd Eye Blocked by NEGs to Prevent Pentagram Banishment?

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    3rd Eye Blocked by NEGs to Prevent Pentagram Banishment?

    My 3rd eye chakra is blocked by multiple negative "energies" according to a professional psychic. This is a case of possession. Daily, I've been attempting the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) that I discovered in The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook along with grounding methods & repeating the core affirmation. To free myself, is it possible to effectively perform the pentagram banishment when my 3rd eye is closed? These "beings" compel my motor movements, project graphic imagery, speak with others through my voice, coerce me with harmful endocrine manipulation, & frequently pressure me to commit suicide. These NEGs caused the loss of a career, & I'm now surviving in my vehicle. Robert Bruce is right in describing NEGs as "insane children". My resources are exhausted, & my final effort is practicing the LBRP on the beach. Maybe my higher-self is disconnected due to my closed 3rd eye?
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    Re: 3rd Eye Blocked by NEGs to Prevent Pentagram Banishment?

    Your third eye has to do with your perception of your inner workings, not with the connection you have with your higher self. In other words, as an example, your hand can be numb but it's still part of yourself, and you are aware of it even if it has no feeling. The LBRP is all about asking for help, whether you can perceive the communication or not.
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