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Thread: Trying to gather myself and start a new beginning in my personal, spiritual and physical well being with this post.

  1. Trying to gather myself and start a new beginning in my personal, spiritual and physical well being with this post.

    Hiya!! To the amazing community of this forum. I can not thank enough to Robert Bruce for researching, practicing and most importantly sharing this amazing and life changing knowledge with everyone. I'd forever be indebted to him for this.

    I've just started reading Robert Bruce's work, and it is game changer for me. It's almost like all of sudden I've came across a treasure trove of mystic information fine tuned for normal plebs like me.

    I'm fairly a beginner, just on 3rd day of MAP, I've read astral dynamics thorough, and now I'm joining money to buy Energy Work book from Google play. I've great ambitions regarding this spiritual work, I'm 20 yrs old currently, and I want to be just as much of a pro in mysticism, healing, astral projection and energy work as Robert Bruce himself.

    I feel like this spiritual journey is my life's calling. For past 3 years, I've seen nothing but depression, anxiety and panic attacks in my life. I was bullied a lot in high school, until I quit school altogether to break contacts from those people. After that I just isolated myself from everyone else, just sulking all day long, crying alone in my room and thinking how my life has no worth and future. And that I'm nothing but a burden on my family. I've tried to commit suicide for more than 6 times, but couldn't gather the courage at the last moment. I thank my own cowardice everyday now.

    Reading Robert Bruce, this forum and understanding about my spiritual self, has made me happy once again, filled me with self worth, and gave me a meaning to live for.

    Just a mere thought of having astral projection, lifting from your own body and traversing this huge cosmos, learning about my true self gets me quite giddy inside.

    I want to learn self healing more than anything,But I can't seem to understand how do you go about healing. Is there like specific Routine I can use for such healing.
    Right now I'm doing energy work, MAP, and muscle relaxation. And I'd like to know how do I go about doing the work for healing. Any healing Routine sughestuons??

    Also I know nothing about these things other than Robert bruce's work and this forum. So if you have any suggestions for any other authors work or forum I should check out, or articles I should read or videos. Plz lemme know.

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    Re: Trying to gather myself and start a new beginning in my personal, spiritual and physical well being with this post.


    1. the practice of remembering one's truth
    the art and fact of knowing what to believe

    Here is what I did: "I am the divine will" - probably not cool anymore.

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