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Thread: Extra NEW channeled by Pleiadians

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    Extra NEW channeled by Pleiadians

    There are 4 images here which represent 4 steps.

    This is a method of training consciousness and enhancing NEW awareness. Put your hand in this position and feel your pulse. Each time your blood is felt in each finger from 1 to 5 go threw each finger and bounce MOB awareness threw the blood pulse and restart from 1 to 5 again

    Do this for 5 mins

    Then try bounces awareness threw the blood up and down your legs and you find that it's enhanced the effect of the practice new

    You will find that the awareness bounce is as much much more awareness involved in it because you have successfully trained consciousness threw the 1st picture pose

    The second pose requires more awareness and can be achieved by mastering the 1st pose
    When you feel you are ready try the second pose when you have development more enough awareness

    the third pose has the fingers touching the merdian point on the tip of your fingers this is a little harder and requires extra awareness

    When you are advancing to the heart pose do the same exercise as you did with the last 3 pictures and develop you awareness bounce(develop consciousness to a whole new level)

    You will notice you doing right when your feeling non physical veins reaching outside of your body

    I am not sure but these non physical veins can help with potentially with connection in nature
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