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Thread: Rules

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    Does anybody have the rules for abiding in truth? - Judah
    Is the truth love objective or sanity sound? - John
    Will I be patient for 30 mins and remember Christ? - Buddha
    What is the point of waiting for nothing. - St. Peter
    Will I be immortal in my next life? - the brother of Jesus

    Does the question,"What am I keen on doing for the rest of my life?" resonate? These lawbearers were keen on it too. Have you been to hell and survived an evil ruler? Then you are not bad! Then you are not bad! Then you are not bad! Until you are fine you are with (my) Lord Christ.

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    Re: Rules

    There is a theory out there in the ether that there is conflict and war - the laws of conflict and the rules of war. Of course, this is no explanation other than that people fight for their right, to party.

    ​No further comment - olyris.

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    HARM: Here is the theory, the truth works.

    Queer is the punishment for punishing an authority; homosexuality is the punishment for harming a friend.

    this was in reference to a guy called "manly" stole from a guy called "dooger" and dubbed him "bader" - ! if names were to count.

    the law extends to include reasons permanently for (a) perfect democracy, but not reasons for people to be hating to death each other - this theory is known as "the truth."
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    Re: Rules

    An exercise in "rule enforcement" always results in panic!

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    Re: Rules

    Re: "The Good and Bad Guys Fiasco."

    Oh, I suppose you could say that people are born with their ineptitudes but I am a theosophical purist: Technology is not lying. What is the spirituality of this dillema? You can go to Heaven or you can go to Hell, I suppose, and when you get there, you shall be solved won't you, because trust is God. Bad reasons against evil, while good serves to humble it, and in the end if the Evil One is humble enough, he's queer.

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    Re: Rules

    Judge ye not the least bitter of you for the eternal truth remains salvation by the commandment of God. Those who have betrayed or forgotten the commandment are not social but instead violence is the term. Such as that violence is the repentent delusion forgiveness will not be necessary. In order for fruit to perish they may turn bitter.

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    Re: Rules

    Here's why you don't - you don't - call voices real.

    Let's say the instigator of spiritual religion is Jesus and his presence manifests the theory that "beloved you are real yourself." Only love made real this time. Ensuing from that awakening you may find other spirits, beings, promising you things like - love again. You might even begin to love them back. Back to the original premise: Because love existed in this universe to the end that faith was normal, and as you must not think of yourself as "outdone by Jesus or God." Well OK, what if you did...

    That is called being a deadsh!t.

    Back to the rules - Since love is the ultimate rule and precedence contraventory knows hate, choose to be here now. In time, all the time at least, there has been no reason to back down on whether or not you are made to live. Live forever...

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    Re: Otherside

    I'll tell the parable another way:

    Suppose I want to escape the way it is and suppose I successfully just celebrate the way it is instead. Well, I suppose that I have done something special, here and there. Here and there, I have thought of more than just humanity, and thusly, peace is my birthright.

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    Re: Otherside

    "To abide in judgement is to abide in anything" - theosophy.


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    Tests of patience.

    Back to the story of "dooger" and "bader." Eventually "manly" got boring and the truth about boring thieves is that they have reproven the truth that faith is good... it happened to me! - olyris
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