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    Re: Alchemy essay...

    The Great Work of Alchemy

    The alchemist describes the 7 step process as "double" or "nothing."

    Calcination: The reduction of iron oxide to the molten state
    - fire is proper
    - work is good

    Dissolution: The sublimation of ash into ether using a crucible
    - water is proper
    - sanity is good

    Separation: The oxidation of carbon to harden its acid state
    - air is proper
    - will is good

    Conjunction: Working with elemental forces over a furnace
    - earth is proper
    - lust is good

    Fermentation: The putrefaction of sulphur and mercury into slag
    - spirit is proper
    - choice is good

    Distillation: Combining light and sound frequencies to induce hypnosis
    - soul is proper
    - life is good

    Coagulation: The reaction of gold chloride and silver to produce brass
    - self is proper
    - love is good

    It was me.

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    Re: Alchemy essay...

    The alchemical question of "what is it?" I have had several answers including compassion and beauty. Gratitude.

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