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    Re: Alchemy essay...

    The Great Work of Alchemy

    The alchemist describes the 7 step process as "double" or "nothing."

    Calcination: The reduction of iron oxide to the molten state
    - fire is proper
    - work is good

    Dissolution: The sublimation of ash into ether using a crucible
    - water is proper
    - sanity is good

    Separation: The oxidation of carbon to harden its acid state
    - air is proper
    - will is good

    Conjunction: Working with elemental forces over a furnace
    - earth is proper
    - lust is good

    Fermentation: The putrefaction of sulphur and mercury into slag
    - spirit is proper
    - choice is good

    Distillation: Combining light and sound frequencies to induce hypnosis
    - soul is proper
    - life is good

    Coagulation: The reaction of gold chloride and silver to produce brass
    - self is proper
    - love is good

    It was me.

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    Re: Alchemy essay...

    The alchemical question of "what is it?" I have had several answers including compassion and beauty. Gratitude.

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    Re: Alchemy essay...

    The Great Work of Alchemy
    - the initiate begins deriving love from nothing in observing that peace begins this way
    - he moves to serve the peace he needs and allows all others that universal truth
    - the universal truth and indeed the universe itself become wise

    The Great Crime of Reason
    - the initiate remembers how to do all the work and now wants to play
    - he chooses more of his adultery and less of his job
    - when he loses his job his job is to serve the universe he gave them unto

    The Great Escape of Adultery
    - the initiate learns that alchemy is pretty good fun by nowadays
    - he loves to share his fun and his fun is optimistic and wiser than his universe
    - as the universe now and the universe prior are the same truth it explodes

    This sequence leads to the fact that time is a myth - no more with She have to respect all others as original, for what is original is the name of love. As it was, so it were. Time being a myth, with this mind, is Buddha nature and God is all. It is no longer appropriate or kind to use names, but rather to supply each individual with their golden seed. Strength is the lesson being. olyris

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    Re: Alchemy essay...

    Alchemy in 4 Steps:

    a) believe the truth (kill the fool)
    b) tell the story (burn the institution)
    c) trust the universe (sell the dream)
    d) live forever (like the rest)

    ... and be your best.

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