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Thread: Question about where to do trance work / OBE exit training?

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    Question about where to do trance work / OBE exit training?

    Hey all. Loving this book so far and I just started Week 7. No significant problems so far, but I do have a question. In the Week 5 chapter, it says "we specifically recommend that all your trance meditation practice be done in a hard-backed office or kitchen chair with no head support," but the authors talk earlier in the book about setting up a "bed, cot, or easy chair or some place where you can lie down comfortably", presumably for the actual OBE exit training. Does this mean that I'm doing my trance induction in the hard-backed chair and then getting up and moving to a more comfortable place to perform the body-loosening technique and OBE exit training? It seems like this would completely break me out of trance if I have to get up and move around. Otherwise, if I perform the trance induction while in the more comfortable place, I'm more likely to fall asleep, no?

    How do you all do it?
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    Re: Question about where to do trance work / OBE exit training?

    More than likely this is a recommendation to practice in the harshest of circumstances so that you can get into trance in the most difficult situations. Only a recommendation. I personally went with the recliner, and it has served me well. Don't worry about it.
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    Re: Question about where to do trance work / OBE exit training?

    I started doing my trance work on a hard chair, on a comfortable chair, and on the bed. I would energy bounce anywhere I would have a few minutes; especially at night and get a good bounce going. I would get very strong vibrations.
    My success started when I would do my yard work and then come inside to rest a bit. My wife and I would kind of take a little Saturday afternoon nap on the couch. This is where I would do my relaxation and chakra excersizes. I would do the relaxation in my own way and energy bounce. I would trance almost instantly and the vibrations would start. I learned to "grab" the bounce, with my hands, at the right time; usually at the peak of the vibration; and "pull" myself out. It's amazing, because if the TV is on, the screen is black--I'm talking about an analog TV. I guess because of the Real Time Zone time difference. (It does have a slight time difference. Before the exit, I usually get Astral/Remote vision in the fish bowl type and 360 degrees.

    The first time I projected, I consciously forced myself out by using Astral/Remote vision watching myself from a few feet away--then the consciousness went into the watcher--My Astral or Real Time body.

    I know I've probably said too much. Just relax in a comfortable position and perhap pretend you are going to take a nap-----the drawback is: you my fall asleep. DO NOT LET THAT BECOME A HABIT--the actual napping part.


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    Re: Question about where to do trance work / OBE exit training?

    Thanks for the responses, guys. I've been trying my trance work & OBE exit from a prone position on my carpeted floor with a pillow as a headrest, but I don't think I've been getting deep enough into the trance state. I don't really get the "warm, heavy wave flowing through you" that Bruce & Mercer mention, but I do start getting disjointed and "loopy" thoughts reminiscent of the hypnagogic state--and that's about it. Do you have to visualize something like the elevator or being a leaf in order to induce this fully? Usually I just imagine that I'm falling backwards in an infinite black void or just focus on the sensation of falling itself as it seems easier. I guess I don't know when I should stop with the trance induction and move on to the body loosening/exit techniques (apart from setting a timer for the recommended 15 minutes, in which case I have to break out of my altered state of consciousness to turn it off).
    We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

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