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Thread: Psychic Sensitivity and Mental Health

  1. Psychic Sensitivity and Mental Health

    Hello Robert,

    Here’s a question I’ve been thinking about involving severe mental illness, e.g. schizophrenia or schizoid-type personality disorders. I’ve gotten intuitive impressions about the nature of our minds as being a collection of aspects, such that the Jungian sort of idea that we are a collection of spirits on two legs seems to make a lot of sense. Similarly, in some respects, transient psychotic symptoms seem like they can stem from normal psycho-spiritual developmental processes (kundalini awakening, raising, shamanic initiation).

    When I look at the symptoms of schizophrenia I see signs of heightened psychic sensitivity. A related disorder often seen in relatives of schizophrenic individuals is one called schizotypal personality disorder, characterized by intense social anxiety and magical thinking. To me, again, this sounds like a spiritually aware person with keen empathic sensitivity. The mental health field still by and large does not distinguish between spiritual phenomena and psychosis -- for example, I'm trained to interpret seeing balls of light as indicative of psychosis (of course, I know better ).

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about more enduring forms of psychosis and can’t help but wonder – are these people simply dealing with a coupling of strong psychic sensitivity and perhaps some type of empathic overload or congestion of negative energies? A lot of the impressions that they get seem to be noisy astral stuff. In the mental health field, we know pretty little about these disorders, but prevailing knowledge is that schizophrenia seems more biologically-rooted than things like depression or anxiety. Still, anything acting on a person from a metaphysical angle would likely cause corresponding physical changes e.g. brain or neurotransmitter abnormalities (or vice versa).

    I ask as someone training to be a mental health professional in a field that in many ways does not see the forest from the trees. The most interesting part of this, for me, is this: could someone be helped by some form of energetic cleansing, magick, or, perhaps to a lesser extent, healing? Intuitively, these things feel to some extent true, but I wonder if it necessarily would apply to all cases of these disorders (perhaps there are a variety of causes, or combinations of causes).

    The Fifth

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    Re: Psychic Sensitivity and Mental Health

    I totally agree with all you are saying.

    I work with a lot of schizophrenics. Generally highly intelligent people, and all with some psychic ability.

    I have tried these things with little success.

    Here is another piece to the puzzle. I recommend watching the whole series of videos. Awesome content on schizophrenia and what it truly is. Clancy discovered a cure that works, but does not involve no interest.

    It has never been proven that any mental illness, particularly schizophrenia, is related to chemical imbalances in the brain. This is a total fabrication.

    I have had a lot more success working with people suffering mental illness, including schizophrenia, focusing on cleaning up their diets, fasting, and promoting a generally healthier lifestyle.

    Electrical earthing bedsheets and pillowcases also are a great help.

    Schizophrenics, most if not all, do have entity problems, in my experience. So we need to address that, but first we need to address the underlying causes that allow the condition, health, diet, etc.

    This is not easy, especially with delusional and paranoid types. I have tried. Very circular logic. This is why it can be easier to medicate them to reduce their symptoms.

    Wheat is also a big problem. Studies dating back to the fifties show what can be done when schizophrenics are taken completely off bread and wheat products. They revert to normal after a few week. The studies I mentioned were done by heads of large mental hospitals. Half the hospitals were taken off wheat, and the other half used as control group. A few weeks later the non wheat group were all sitting quietly watching TV, reading, etc. The other group was still raving. Very unpopular approach, because no drugs are involved. Its the same with Clancy's approach, which is proven to work...but quite brutal. It involves total separation from nuclear family (the triggers) for a year...then symptoms disappear.

    peace, robert

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    Re: Psychic Sensitivity and Mental Health

    I have experience with all of the above. Facts are facts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Bruce View Post
    It has never been proven that any mental illness, particularly schizophrenia, is related to chemical imbalances in the brain. This is a total fabrication.
    I think the fact here would be the DNA upgrades. You know? It only takes a chemist to turn you into a robot; a physicist to cancel your soul. Happens in China. The silver lining... up to u.

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