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Thread: airplane protection(running air)

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    Smile airplane protection(running air)

    the theory is that running air can work like running water. When the plane is travelling over 800km per hour that's allot of running air. On some percentage the air contains water properties infusing it like running water blessing it

    the other theory all the clouds below the plane create running a water crossing circuit effect while the plane is traveling above the clouds to the destination

    Wind can help blow out cobwebs and stagnation when it's windy here in New Zealand it's goodluck me because i can connect my energy field with the wind around me

    Negs are stagnation based energy beings when they get contact with wind it clears them out
    If your my soulmate please contact me immediate-ly asap

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    Re: airplane protection(running air)

    i find that air keeps them spiritual. that might mean that they are forgiving but it doesn't mean that they are less knowing... could be a power game.

    water makes them forget human integrity... game over.

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