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Thread: Pure CBD and schizophrenia

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    Pure CBD and schizophrenia

    The best way to get the marijuana deity legally is by consuming the legal non psychoactive part of CBD the part of the marijuana that is anti psychotic

    What makes CBD the most power fullest anti psychotic is it's ability to not have a overdose capacity

    Like most anti psychotics there is a overdose level which limits the strength of the anti psychotic potency

    Because CBD you can't overdose over it it makes it the most power fullest anti psychotic CBD in the world

    Working with the marijuana deity by consuming CBD you connect to the spirit of the marijuana plant all the time while CBD is still in you system

    The marijuana deity offers

    Protector - protection from psychic attacks from voices

    Teacher - connecting to the teacher plant

    Connector- Help you connect to nature, raise your vibration

    The deity will ask for energy exchange and deduct your life force so it's best to do extra qi gong to help pay the cost of this deity being present in you psychic system

    You know what you don't have to be high on marijuana to connect the marijuana deity

    You can forge a relationship with the marijuana deity over time like you would with god or Jesus. You just talk to the plant like it's your friend because it's in your consciousness
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    Re: Pure CBD and schizophrenia

    I have met the marijuana deity, he's a rainbow and a half.

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