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    Myths are not realities. Realities turn into myths. When somebody remembered how to turn the light on (inside self) their "status" becomes elite beyond eternity and hence they were free to follow through with: 1st. Truth, 2nd. Justice, 3rd. The Way.

    Now, when anybody realises that myths are reasonable, they activate this potential. It is necessary to process karma first, before taking flight. Have a good'un.

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    Re: Myths

    Every myth was perfectly enlightened, psychic and protected by love. It is not necessary to call these journeys great - in fact, their glories are for the converted world - morality is replaced by mystery and the things to do are accordingly. All myths can do lightwork, alchemy, sorcery (if you like) but not danger; not possible. The point being, you don't have a definate answer to the question of "does this work?" [edit: something is found to work until something is found to die. this theory is applicable to all and everything - so you could say that your pet rock works within the context of it still being true to you. myths, are true until they disappear, just like your pet rock sorta did when it got that bored]. Fact: everything exists in order to choose further into essence, until... "the event" is believing in itself. A world with no spiritual flaws.

    You could astral travel this way.
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    Re: Myths

    Also: The realm that a myth entered is unknown to all but peace. You can do whatever you like! But for to break the law.

    "It's the real way." - olyris

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    Re: Myths


    I have been doing the story of King Midas. He is perfect, rational, selfless with all. Just needed his time alone a lot more naturally - lol - it's now there! o
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    Re: Myths

    Alexander The Great is a guy with a lot of spare time. So, what does he do? He thought me a way to procure more unconditional love: Make love, with sex in mind...

    You could call this act "being a good will unto those you are seen unto." Or, a love crusader.

    Warning, warning: The result of this experiment was permanent war, also known as fun.
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    When Jesus has faced the Earth and declared the truth that "all is fair in love and war," brother Judas steps in secretly and "fool is law," then. "Well if you were not a fool, you were not a soul in death," he would tell you...

    The truth that innocence is sound is the survivor, and survivors forgive their father. Fathers forgive their daughters. Daughters to mothers, and mother to son. Jesus loves you.

    The intellect has a romantic bent and a classic (opposite) approach in all mythology.

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    Re: Myths

    Hermes wants the truth to win, alone.

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    Re: Myths

    The secret of becoming a myth YOURSELF is to enable the God. A principle that survives - a virtue - sells no-one, thus becomes happy, through perfect persistent realised force. Always be to speak the truth with your heart, and the facts of life with your person, for people that speak with their mind and dissociate their heart are secretly just funny. The myth activates immediately upon there being no more work to do, on EACH OTHER.


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