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Thread: like minded people

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    You are always welcome to come and dance.

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    Re: like minded people

    Your energyball form, kristin, does it work with colours other than white?

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    It should, I don't see why not.
    If i spiral out, i keep it white for others to connect.
    If I am within another color I don't feel the same strong energy, and connections to/with my surrounds.
    For some years ago, i did black on black, create a space there are black, you can not see anything around you other than black. when the black has cleared out each and ever thought in my mind, i asked for a opening, and I get a crack of "yellowish white light" shinning through, and at that time i went through the crack i was AP. For heal multiple colors, white is not enough. (that is a different story i will add one day)

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