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    On a journey

    Hey everyone, Just want to share another of my many stories. I am adding one each day to my website: Happy reading.

    When my son was about two years old, my dad went onthe trip to Barcelona. This was not a regular trip, but as 70-year-old andrecent retiree, he wanted to do something – He trained most of the year before,– riding his bicycle around Denmark, short trips, but also longer trips.
    That year he became 70, he packed his bicycle anddrove towards Barcelona, for Olympics. I had a list of the camping places, hewas planning to camp overnight. Still worried about him we planned for him tocalled/make contact, each day, he arrived. We had planned a time, when he wasgoing to call, of cause with plus time, in case of traffic or other things thatmight happen that day.
    One day he was an hour late, and my son became inpatient, so instead of sitting still waiting, he ran back and forth in theliving room, out in the hallway and back again into the living room and out inthe hallway again. All the sudden he stopped in the hallway and criedout, in joy. Grandpa!!!
    I could feel how the hair rising on my neck and acold feeling creeping in over my body, but I didn’t feel my dad was hurt, sowhat did my son see?? “A ghost” well that was what I thought back then.
    Few minutes later, the phone rang and was in theother end saying hello. I told him about the episode in the hallway, and helaughed lightly.
    I understand he replied: I had just sat down in thetent to relax before going up to call you two.
    I was just thinking, how nice it would be to walk inof the front door and having a little boy screaming in joy, Grandpa!!!
    After that, we just continued talking, about histrip and what had happened that day
    We agreed he was going to do the same thing eachday, before calling, just thinking he was walking through the front doorgreeting my boy.
    Each day during the trip, I knew he was going to beokay, when my son saw him in the hallway, before he called.
    As two-year-old, he would often wait for grandpa,and as soon as he saw him, he would say mom, mom, get to the phone, grandpa iscalling soon.

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    Re: On a journey

    Thank you for this story. It is lovely.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Re: On a journey

    Telepathy: You can't fire an arrow (thought), without a bow (heart).

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    but aren't most of it, then? When someone else are able to see or hear you when you are remote, most of the time it is because you are than, connected. So question; if it is only Telepathy and not astral projection, then who says that astral projection is not telepathy?
    We are connected to a place, in space/time with our emotions, and with those we manifest. some after sensitive enough to see something, but not sure it might be. You only know what it is, when you know who it might be. so when people says i got spooked because i saw. What they saw was not random, but something the knew who was, they just don't have the knowledge for the mind to interpenetrate it, when they gain that knowledge it become telepathy, instead of astral projection..... I know we are far from knowing what it right and what is wrong but interesting anyway.

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    Thank you very much...

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