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Thread: The Mandela Effect

  1. The Mandela Effect

    The Mandela effect is named after Nelson Mandela because some people remembered he passed away in prison in the 1980s when actually it was in 1999 and he was not in prison at the time. There are other things that groups of people seem to have the same memory of, and they say they're not mistaken, they say past was changed. Another one is people remembering the bible saying that the lion shall lie down with the sheep, when it actually says wolf instead of lion.

    So this made me think about the really distant past. What if something from really long ago was changed? Are everyone's past life memories changed the same as the events, or do we find Mandela effects in past life memories? Do things ever seem wrong in the akashic records? What about spirits, do any of them remember Nelson Mandela meeting his demise in prison?

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    Re: The Mandela Effect

    It has occurred to me that when someone is perfectly happy - no-one knows a darn thing about it.

    Also, Osama bin Laden is still around? That is what i am getting.

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    Re: The Mandela Effect

    There was another one with the Berenstein Bears (kids book) I remember. It's crazy to be convinced of of one thing with a whole bunch of other people.

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