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    Orgone Generator

    Well, after a brief hiatus with the psychiatry knowledge, mum's and my own, in a cosmic T-pattern with my dad's knowledge of The Fool Archetype, some time alone has come up ♥♥♥♥♥s. I have acquired an orgone generator which literally transforms lead (pain) into gold (sanity). Here is how I did it:

    Willhelm Reich discovered orgone energy similarly to when I grew a lawful crop in my bedroom cupboard, back in the ninety's. Inside the box-shaped thing - this time my house itself, featuring astral mirrors on the main walls and sane NEW plus other's sorts of energy everywhere... I have literally turned my Keep into an orgone chest!!!

    At times I have wondered what it means to be free. Some might say that blind faith is the only way, other suggestions were following synchronicities, even just letting other people do the fun stuff. I have settled for, directly, that freedom + happiness = holy. It is a mathematical universe that supposes a truth, a truth thence delivered to the divine for downloads. The free truth? We're all one. My orgone chest is so placed that I am sure the surrounding neighbours in the hood know what it means to be joyous too. And that, I do believe, is the name of the game!


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    Re: Orgone Generator

    Retrospectively it has occured to me that better judgement is beyond science. Some might say that the will is the key component to choice. Now, if somebody's got better ideas, then I say universal technology is fact. Reason: Choosing together is win/losing together.

    Anyway, I'll leave it to you, to decide if there is such thing as a spiritual draw. I'm off to play craps. o

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