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Thread: OBE training question

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    OBE training question

    I have recently become interested in OBEs/astral projection, although I have never had one which I can remember in my past. I have began training with my meditation and energy. To be honest, it seems that all of it has been coming to me quite naturally. The first day I really tried, I felt like I was able to manipulate my energy quite well. I used a visualization of an energy ball that is just wide enough to encompass whatever limb/part of my body I am focusing on, and move it around with my mind, while feeling every movement, including simultaneous split energy movements. I also feel like my meditation is going well, and that I am reaching some state of trance.

    So, after a few days I thought I would like to try for an OBE/astral projection. I sat in my chair, and relaxed/began meditation. As I deepened, I began to move energy around everywhere, and then gather and "feed" my chakras. After my excersize in doing so, I could feel my whole body flowing, and everything had sort of a tingling sensation or maybe even a very light buzzing. I recognized others as having shared such experiences. My body felt very heavy, and my vision behind closed eyes was dark. I began to attempt the ROPE technique at this point. I admit I have sort of a hard time with this, not knowing whether I should be feeling like I am CONTINUOUSLY climbing as I raise out of my body, or if it should be more of a struggle to pull myself out with one or two hearty pulls. But either way... after a few minutes of attempting this, my vision went quite light (almost white), and I felt almost weightless. I wondered if I had done it, and asked for vision or sight, but nothing changed. Simply white. I quickly thought to my physical body and was aware of my limbs and weight again... while at the same time existing in light and weightlessness. Not knowing what I was doing or if I was doing anything wrong, I decided to try and move an extremity to bring me out of it (as I've heard others doing) and do so without problem. But this kind of left me with an unsure mind on my experience. In one way it did feel like I was out of physical body... but on the other hand I never really felt like I struggled to get out, or felt anything odd in my chakras such as seperation, and never experienced any vision or sense of where I was or anything like that. I guess I' really just looking for feedback/advice/ideas from others who have experienced what I'm talking about and may be able to shed some more light on it for me and point me in the right direction. All comments appreciated. Thanks!

    Oh, and as a side note, since I began doing this, I am now becoming aware of the times that I wake up at night (which I NEVER was before) and remember many dreams (which I NEVER did before). On two occassions, in my dreams, I even questioned that I was dreaming in hopes to invoke a lucid dream, but dismissed the thoughts (even after checking my watch 2x in one of them). Hopefully if nothing else I'll be able to accomplish an LD soon.

    But either way, hoping for some insight into my experiences. thanks!

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    Separation can occur without any exit sensations at all, with sensations that feel and sound like a jackhammer, or anything in between. And, these can occur differently each time. Expecting an exit to occur in a certain way can block the exit by thinking about it too much. I know, because I do this all the time. Even though I know better.

    You don't have to feel your chakras or feel the separation. I've even gone to sleep, just to awaken with my astral arms and legs waving around outside my physical body. Always expect the unexpected. Sounds like you are moving along quite fast, so enjoy it and don't get hung up on experiencing it just like someone said.

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    Thanks for the quick response Painterhynogirl! So really I'm not doing "anything wrong" so to speak? I may have had an easy seperation, but just not enough energy or experience to control it or conjure vision/hearing/whatever? Is this normally something that needs to be controlled or called for? I guess I should just keep going on the path I'm on at this point and just experience it as I go huh?

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    Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

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