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Thread: ORMUS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom
    Back when I was in school, we played with knocking ourselves unconscious. The appeal was in seeing colorful geometric patterns and losing all sense of time. Now I could write up a web site describing it as sacred geometry using breath control. For rapid spiritual growth I'd do all sorts of things that I wouldn't even consider otherwise. For all I know, the magic of ormus could be in its marketing.
    When I was young, we used to twirl around until we got so dizzy we didn't know which end was up. Maybe we can turn it into a 'mini-OBE experience' and charge money for the instructions. Hmmm...
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    Sorry Tom, that site was all the info I had on it. I found it (the site) interesting as an alternate view & in that it kind of meshes in places with what I've been reading about our real history, figured the rest was worth thinking about. The OP asked a question & I provided what I knew about it.

    The science side of what they present shows a bit of confusion about what some of the science actually is, but if I rejected info on that basis I'd be working in a lab somewhere only talking to people who can juggle cantorian infinities in their heads.

    If there is a definition for life that makes sense it is that its cells contain little power-makers, tiny factories that take chemicals like sugars & produce energy. If there was a way to somehow power-up these factories, it would certainly have an effect on the being. Who knows - I'm no advocate for it all, just a reader.

    The site did lead me to Essiac tea which seems to be helping a friend fight cancer and/or emphysema, but then Essiac tea isn't their product or invention.

    As for it being a poison, I'd hesitate to take massive doses of the raw chemicals, but trying (say) the Essiac tea (or the Vitalitea) plus the Concord grape juice for a while & seeing if it affected meditation and/or AP/OBE experiences would seem harmless enough.

    This whole site (AstralDynamics) is about a subject that is difficult to quantify & would probably be rejected by those from the straight science camp, so finding ancillary subjects that are a little woolly shouldn't be a big surprise.
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    CF said:
    I tend to agree that you don't need to 'earn' the numinous, only acknowledge it completely, since it's already yours- but Orme is a physical form of something that promises to 'cleanse' or 'purify', reinforcing the idea that there is something that needs to be 'cleansed' or 'reintegrated', so it traps you back in the physical, IMO.
    While I don't disagree with practices that improve the body, and fasting to attain higher states, the goal here is to get off the karmic wheel. If you don't believe that, I can't help you, there. ANYTHING that keeps us body centered and earth centered will not move us past the karmic wheel. No matter how good of a spiritual/physical practice it is. The only thing it does do is to slowly open our awareness to the ultimate can transcend the body and move on past karma when, and ONLY when, you are ready to give it all up. This means ready to give up your identity, your ego, yourself. Most are too trapped in their belief that they are special as a human, that the earth has no comparison in beauty, that earthly, human love is the ultimate, and their car is cool. Ingesting special potions, etc. to up your evolvement still keeps you trapped in your body belief (as CF said).

    The only way to permanently transcend the body and earth is to want to. This involves a lot of difficult work that has nothing to do with the body. All you have to do is believe you don't have to remain on earth, believe you aren't stuck in a karmic loop, and give up your attachment to everything you supposedly love. This includes family, friends, your spiritual practice, your dog, etc, and love all and everything equally. You have to be ready to drop your ego and your identity to merge with a larger force. Very, very few people are ready or willing to do this. That's why it's so hard. You have to, instead of "forgive" yourself for your "sins", you have to recognize that you never sinned. You only experienced. That there is no good or bad. Ultimately, everything is ok, nothing is outside of God. Very, very few people are willing to believe that there is no "good" or "bad". Those are earthly, human concepts that keep us locked in the body and the karmic cycle. Do you really believe that spiritual masters who no longer incarnate were 100% pure and clear of all karma? I don't believe that's possible. They reached the conclusion that they didn't need to be, that they were completey fine just as they were. They were ready to shed the body and their attachment to earth. To believe that everyone and everything is fine and perfect just as they are. Ingesting gold isn't going to get you to that belief. It's a hard won belief, with no shortcuts. Doesn't mean it has to take eons to come to the realization, but that's how long it takes most people. Introspection, meditation, and looking hard at your belief system is the way to get there.

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    Here's where I admit to something:

    I tried it for 45 days, along with regular iron and vitamin C taken at separate times. The idea was that the "magneurol" pills will be used by the body as regular iron if its supply of regular iron is low. The pills are a form of the mineral magnetite, used in traditional Chinese medicine, some B vitamins, and other nutrients you might see in an energy drink. My conclusion was that these pills are probably great for people just getting started, but that if you have been working with your energy body for a few years it is useless because your concern has shifted to the energy body and the physical has been trained enough to get out of the way more readily.

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    Re: ORMUS

    Monatomic gold or ormusgoldelixir is REAL, I have read around and have perused that the possible monatomic gold in the market is made to vibrate our recurrence to respond with negative deities. Quantum physics has demonstrated that what you know and accept needs to be reevaluated. Technology is advance daily demonstrating the day preceding speculations off-base.

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    Re: ORMUS

    That seems like a canned response, an argument to things no one has said, Grady. Don't quote sciency sounding terms, tell us how your experience with it has been. What has it done for you?
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  8. Re: ORMUS

    I've been reading a lot on the interweb about ORMUS and what people have been doing with water.


    There've been a lot of things said with the word ORMUS, and the full extent of claims ever made about ORMUS may not necessarily be factual, or made by everyone to talks about ORMUS.
    O.R.M.U.S, Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Something Something. They say the electrons can be rearranged such that an atom does not make chemical bonds with other atoms, so it's monoatomic. One web-page says it's not certain it's monoatomic, so M could be used for "Microcluster" too. They say it's a room-temperature superconductor, and should be electromagnetically shielded or it reverts to normal. Some say there's ORMUS in earth and sea water, and you can extract it from sea salt. One person said you have ORMUS in your chi meridians. He also said that you can feed ORMUS to plants and then eat the plants, and that you should make the ormus yourself instead of buying it because it's affected by who makes it. Some say it's monoatomic gold extracted from sea salt.
    I've read alchemy websites a bit and I think what's happening with ORMUS might be you're putting subtle energy into the salt.
    One web-page says someone thought that if it's a room temperature superconductor, then if he vortexed the water next to a doughnut magnet, the room-temperature superconductor would go through the magnet while the rest of the water would go the other way, and it seemed to work. They can then put this ORMUS water through again however many times they like to concentrate the nice sweet-tasting cloud-looking ORMUS water to drink.
    They go through a lot of tap water, and there was one thing about someone getting lots of sea water just for that little bit of ORMUS.
    I was wondering why there weren't reporting what happened when they put that waste water through again, to see if they'd get some more ORMUS water, to see if they're really extracting something from the water and not transforming the water, and eventually I read in an alchemy forum someone say that if you put the non-ORMUS water through again then you can turn it all into so-called ORMUS water. If that's true, then how odd that people don't trend to try it, when it should be one of the first things you do! As that person said,
    "I no wonder the thing is little known, because people always tend to follow the instructions dictated by others, and rarely come out of the sown. And, then,you know that people usually are not so generous... "
    They say the water develops some oil. One alchemy forum said that you can distill this oil and condense it with ice and you have the philosophical sulphur, and if you then condense what goes past the ice, with frozen carbon dioxide in acetone, you get the philosophical mercury, if I remember correctly.

    Also other people have done things with water by moving it past magnets without calling it orbitally rearranged monoatomic something somethings.
    Another design is spinning a - it was either dielectric or diamagnetic - material in water.
    Another is a cup or bottle with strong magnets around the outside.

    MEOW kettle
    A cylinder of magnetite, with a bottle of water inside it to charge. One web-page says it can bring the colour back to grey hair. Someone's said you can charge the water better if there's salt dissolved in it.

    Russians seem to have been doing a lot with pyramids. There's a thing on the website Instructables about a pyramid experiment, where he was sprouting cress I think, in a pyramid. So this could be a good experiment for verifying and quantifying how good a certain thing is at subtly energizing. Watering the plants with the charged water, and then weighing the spouts, to see how good it is. You could then do statistical tests, a T-test or a Man-Whitney U test.

    A device giving off radio waves at 27.225 megahertz into water, making plants grow better. There's a thread on this on the website Metabunk.

    I am quite interested in using technology to increase how much subtle energy enters your body, and it looks like you can do that by drinking. A Chi Gong book says that the more chi you have, the more you absorb.
    I think this would also help people who aren't doing spiritual development, if you can make people healthier by making their water into magic water.
    This might be a good way of fighting negs, if they don't like this water. Also because a person's made of water, it might be worth seeing if the Vi-Aqua device when used on a person can get rid of negs, if the claims about that device are true.
    The effeciveness of the special water could be measured watering some seeds or beans, and weighing the sprouts, and then statistical tests can be done.

    Also this thread looks interesting: "Manually Alter Your Own Energy Field (With Scientific Explanation)"
    "pyramid-shaped black tourmaline, with the point facing away from my body, and a square neodymium magnet attached to the base of the pyramid with north poles facing up and away from the body. This allows the black tourmaline to take in and absorb energy from its point, which already has numerous benefits, including the defense against negative and harmful energy directed toward you, both from others and from general EM pollution. After absorbing the energy, the pyramid acts to channel the energy into the magnet, keeping the negative energy within, and channeling the positive energy, which (assuming the magnet is strong enough) will disperse the energy into the magnetic field it's currently generating, which will merge with your own biomagnetic field if worn as a necklace close to your heart or slightly lower towards your solar plexus."
    The attachment isn't working though, maybe it was a picture. Actually just checking, that's the only post on this forum made from that account, that's odd.
    So maybe if you're using a magnetic design you could use gemstones too.
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