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Thread: Global consciousness project

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    star Guest
    I like the MSN idea becuase it doesn't require me to download anything extra.

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    Pilar Guest
    I like the idea of an alternative web site with a blog. I don't have a fixed schedule--my work requires that I be very flexible, and I also live in a remote location where I don't always have wireless access, so on-line chats don't work well for me. I am able to find time to sit down once a week and write in, though, and I feel confident I could participate longer-term if that was the set-up. I do like the idea of keeping our focus on the forum. Although I am a newcomer, I notice that there is a constant in-flow of people to the forum looking for healing and support. This puts a strain on the healers in the community who are giving alot of energy out and possibly taking some of that negativity on. A regular focus in meditation from a core group would really strengthen the underlying intention of the forum, I feel, and keep it centered in healing. It would be great to meditate on a healing focus for the forum and good intentions toward the core group of healers who are working through this forum. Kind of a purification/renewed intent. I think I'd like to spend part of my meditation on the forum in general, part directing well-being and strength and light/purification to the core healers in general, and then finish by thinking of this little group and affirming our intention here. How does that sound for a structured focus?

    By the way, thank you, Alex, for initiating this. It is a grand idea.

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    Meditation on Sept 14th, Thursday.

    Well, for starters, my church organization (Unity) will have their annual World Day of Prayer on September 14th. Anyone who is interested can join in in meditation and prayer. That's a way to start.
    More info:

    All Unity churches pray for Peace in the World and each other, any specific prayer requests can be made through the above thread. The idea is that for 24 hours everyone will pray throughout the day, so that at that moment you can be linked to a great number of people who are praying (meditating, since that's how we do it.) There is no wrong way to pray- you can do it any way you want.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Dsmoke Guest
    I'm down with the blog idea. I also like Atom Heart's idea of devoting 5 minutes of daily meditation to this - that would be easy enough to do.

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    Dsmoke Guest
    yeah, I should mention that I am rarely on MSN, so if you all want to chat, could you let me know in advance? I'll try to leave it on more often. PM me if you want my username.

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    Rob Guest
    Alex I like the idea so much that I am willing to make a donation towards the cost of the website.


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    atomheart Guest
    I am a pro graphic designer so I can design the site..

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    sash Guest
    Alex, you could use my server if you'd like, I've got 1 free domain slot at the moment, so you'd just need to have a domain, or sub-domain however you want to do it.

    I've only skimmed through this post, but it sounds like a good idea from what I've read. I don't know if I can get involved in it at this point, I have to read through the whole thread first to get a better idea (I spend too much time on here atm anyway rather than focusing on exams).
    If you want to use my server for it let me know though and I'll send you the FTP details which should be all you need. It would probably be a better alternative than paying for a new hosting account.

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    sash Guest
    I've installed mambo on it before and it worked fine, though I don't know how to use it that well. I have a free db so I'm sure whatever you want to use will work fine on it.

    Alright, how do I add my name to the list? I won't be able to get involved until after a few weeks, since I am moving house now as well as trying to grasp the C# Programming unit I have to take (if that is even possible), but with a bit of luck I think I will get through it.

    The hosting won't cost anything, unless a .COM domain is needed (which costs about 10 bucks).

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    Rob Guest
    Hi Alex, I think planethealing kind of narrows that scope of the group.

    Lets see what others come up with, then we could create a poll.


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