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Thread: Global consciousness project

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    sash Guest
    I like that last 2 you mentioned Alex, planethealing and groupfocus especially I think goes well. Once a domain is registered I will send you the server details, because I have to config it before it can work and for that domain info is required.

    Can Mambo and a forum (and whatever else is needed) run on the same db btw?

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    atomheart Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Alex
    If you can make us a html table with the layout of the site, I can code a template for the site using the graphics you provide.
    great cos i have limited programming skills.. we will have to work closely u and I

    Personally i like groupfocus.. or planetfocus, worldwidefocus, healfocus. collectivefocus, energyfocus.. anything with the word focus basically..

    We also have to discuss various sections/pages.. and we also need a copywriter.

    Edit: btw this thread is called Global Consciousness Project... thats a nice title!

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    Rob Guest
    I like Global Consciousness Project as the title or GCP for short.


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    Rob Guest
    Alex, can we setup a [poll] so that people can vote on this, I don't have a clue how to do this.


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    Pilar Guest
    The poll was a great idea, and a nice way for everyone to have some input.

    I am a writer and can offer my writing skills if they are needed. Not clear yet how we are going to set up the site, but I can contribute to organizational design and writing.

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    Pilar Guest
    So, for clarity, this began as an idea to form a small meditation group for the benefit of the forum. It sounds as though the idea now is to create another administrative aspect of the forum that would provide services to the members in the form of 1) requested healings 2) emergency funding. Is this okay for everyone or is this too large a time/energy commitment?

    For myself, I can offer to compile your group's ideas and write up some of the sections for the initial web-site setup. I'm not sure to what extent I can participate beyond that if the project becomes really large. I am monitoring myself these days on the amount of time I put into non-paying work involvements! But seriously, I think we all have other commitments, so time factor here should be discussed.

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    Rob Guest
    Would there be any chance in just having a simple java based chat room on the site?


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    Pilar Guest
    Yes, your ideas are all very good. (Have you done your Myers-Briggs personality indicator--I am saying you are a 'P' . Now here comes the "J" tromping on all the fun! )

    I like the idea of being able to provide services to the members. Perhaps we could begin small and see how it goes. Down the road, it may attract a larger number of participants and take on a life of its own. Maybe those ideas could be set aside as possibilities for future developments!

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    Pilar Guest
    I'm here. I'm in. Here we go....

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    Rob Guest
    I guess I missed that one 


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