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    Alex's Introduction

    Hello everyone

    My I am Alex, I use to be a very religious person a Christian, I was so religious I wanted to run from home to monastery and become a monk, all my life I felt connected to the spiritual realm.
    I am not sure what I am or what is going on with me, I been getting experiences once in a while all my life.

    Everything started before I was even born, my mother told me since she was pregnant with me should would get visits in the dark from someone she didn't know.
    She was not afraid she thought it was her dead grandmother or someone else familiar.
    She also mention that she has the gift to speak with dead relatives in her dreams and she is not afraid, her dreams are calm and very beautiful.
    My mother has 3 sons included me with her other 2 sons before she gave birth to them she dreamed that her son my older brother or my younger brother holding a white beautiful corn as for me I was holding a black and rotten corn.

    The reason I share this experience of my mother is that my believe is that I got some gifts from her. Now I do not know what the black corn dream means I will have to look that up.

    When I was younger I remember I had an encounter with a dark powerful being that he called him self " Dracu" ( meaning Devil in Romanian ) when I ask who he was. I could not see him he was in a dark room making noises like someone would be looking for a something between a stack of plastic bags and it was 12 am at night in Romania. His voice was very terrifying and I think I went in a shock and fainted, I was about 6 years old it happen in 1998 if I remember correctly.
    I had other small experiences over the years it comes and goes.

    As in 2015 I believe is when I started to have my spiritual awakenings the most I would have sleep paralysis in the beginning like once every 2 months then it became to 1 once a month then once a week to 5 times a week.
    I remember I felt someone sitting on me and I could hear him speak and laughing at me he had an annoying small goblin like voice he would say " the devil is gonna come soon watch out!!" then after a while I had a sleep paralysis where I see a huge smoke coming out of the closet and covers my whole room and it was reaching for me.
    I started to pray and the smoke went back inside the closet. I do not think it was a God that help me here, I think it was the power with in me that I summon forth as a shield.

    Ok so eventually I started to have encounters with demons in dreams but it was positive. I once had a dream of a demon he never named him self He had red eyes looking like the pupils were made of blood and around it was glowing lava he told " now matter what you do I will always be there with you" I think this has something to do with me being saved from 2 accidents I was almost hit and killed by a speeding car but someone a presence behind me placed his hand on my shoulder and then placed me in some kind of paralysis where I could not move in the middle of the street for about 2 seconds then I was released , if I were to move I would run straight in to the speeding car.
    I had more experiences where I felt I was saved by a dark being witch bring me to conclusion that I do not have a guardian angel but a guardian demon.

    Now as for Astral projection

    I had tried many times to astral project over 2 years and I feel blocked.
    I had once an OBE during a time I was a sleep I remember it was dark but the I could see the light in the bathroom tryingt to make light but it would only make light for like 3 inches around the light bulb, I panic when I saw my self in bed and I got pulled back in my body.

    I had an other astral projection not long ago, it was sometimes in March of 2019 I was trying to meditate then after 15 min of relaxation I felt like I was in roller coaster I would go up down left and right with speed then I realize I was dressed up in a Blue Tuxedo and In front of me was a gentlemen on the couch wearing a black Tuxedo he was drinking wine if I remembers in a wine glass he looked like Lucifer from the series this being seemed powerful like he could just snap his fingers and I would just vanish from existence but I knew he would not do that I felt very comfortable around him I felt protected like I new him all my life, he felt familiar like a father.
    I remember we were talking about my life and what I have achieve so far and he would give me some advice but I do not member our conversation but I believe when the time is right I will remember it. I rember the end of our conversation he I told him
    "is getting late I should be going"
    he said "Sure! I understand, absolutely, you do that," something like that
    I then woke up and I look up the window and I see an amazing sun raise it was so beautiful beside me I feel the person in black tuxedo his presence like he still there. I was about 2 hours in this mediation and and did not sleep at all that night but after I woke up I felt so full of energy like I slept for 10 hours.
    I Do not think this was just a simple OBE I felt more like an important meeting. My physical body was bside me in a chair sleeping I was in my underwear and not shirt on and my spiritual body was dressed in a blue tuxedo

    My interest is that I will learn to astral project when ever I want, I have allredy purchased Robert Bruce's course Astral Projection Mastery and I have the book Energy work, I think I am on the right track so far
    Then I will learn Kundalini then I try and learn deviation then I am looking to get into healing magic I am looking to work with dark beings and light beings My goal is to balance my self Darkness and with Light.

    My Apologies for the long introduction and my bad spelling , English is not my first Language I am new to the forum I hope I placed this intro in the right place

    Thank you for having me here
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    Re: Alex's Introduction

    Welcome Alex. I have a few thoughts as to the reasons you haven't yet had conscious astral projections, but I'll keep them to myself for now. I hope you enjoy the forums. But for now I advise for you to read the post titled "Your First Conscious Projection". It won't be hard to find.
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    Re: Alex's Introduction

    Thank you so much for the warm welcomeing! I am sure I will learn alot on this forum

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